Outlast: Whistleblower DLC detailed

Quite fittingly on Halloween, Red Barrels have today announced more details about their upcoming Outlast DLC, Whistleblower.

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MEGANE2033d ago

I hope is included in the PS4 version which is a PS PLUS free game that is coming early in 2014 ...;)

DarkBlood2033d ago

assuming the policy is still the same if any game comes out on other platforms has to have this stuff or was it new content?

MEGANE2033d ago

I don't know about the policy but i don't see any reason what not include something that is there already. But i guess depends on the PSPLUS guys and how much they pay for the game

DarkBlood2033d ago

well its there as dlc, which is what would likely be for us on ps4 but like you said we dont know exactly what sony paid for so guess we will find out later.

MEGANE2033d ago

It is coming... is already announce and is a ps plus game

Grave2033d ago

Oh man. That's a rough pic in the article. I am still trying to get over this game. Sh*t was rough.

TheRealTedCruz2033d ago

Still haven't grabbed this one yet.
Way too many games to play at the moment.
Will probably take some time off around Thanksgiving or, more likely, Christmas.
Will probably be able to grab the game and DLC on the cheap at that time anyway.
As a huge fan of horror games, I keep hearing this is one to really check out.