Fortnite Still in Development at Epic Games, No Word on Next-Gen Release

OnlySP: It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard anything about Fortnite, the monster survival/base building game in development for the PC platform utilizing Unreal Engine 4. The game was revealed two years ago now at the Spike VGAs and a teaser trailer was shown.

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Excalibur2031d ago

I think Epic as a company is about done as most of the real talent has left.

shivvy242031d ago

man I remember e3 2011 , 2 new ip I was excited for was Overstrike and fortnite , well we all know what happened with overstrike and haven't seen much of fortnite yet :(

mhunterjr2031d ago

As a company? You are aware that they produce and licence unreal engine, right?

Excalibur2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

@ mhunterjr

You are correct, I misspoke, allow me to elaborate, game development wise I meant, I'm kinda thinking unless they get some real talent back in there we are going to see sub-par offings like we did with GOW:J.
Fortnight was announced almost 2 years ago and we've seen or heard virtually nothing about it since.

As far as the unreal engine goes they are going to continue making a ton of money with that.

With the Chinese investors owning most of the company now for all we know that may be all they are interested in.

zeal0us2031d ago

Cliff's baby still in development. I guess his departure was setback for the game, probably.

ironfist922031d ago

Announce Bulletstorm 2 then ill be interested