PS4 Games Own Amazon Germany's Top 10 Following Preorder Promotion

Amazon Germany is running a rather spiffy promotion for preorders of PS4 games (By preordering two titles you get a third for free). The initiative seems to have met some solid success looking at the best sellers chart for video games, that is almost completely painted blue.

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bjmartynhak2029d ago

Did I just see Driveclub ahead of COD? Even not being at launch and with the PS+ edition? Interesting.

admiralvic2029d ago

Drive Club (in the US anyway) offers $10 dollars off Knack or Killzone SF, so that might be why.

xHeavYx2029d ago

As soon as this is available for the US I'm getting InFamous, KZ and AC Black Flag. I'd get DC but it will be eventually free for PS+ users

bjmartynhak2029d ago

Hope this deal becomes available in UK too, I'm getting 4 games at launch. Though 1 is from the bundle, leaving 2 games + 1 to be free. It would be a nice saving!

Relientk772029d ago

I like how its all PS4 games, then randomly Rainbow Six Vegas on PC lol

Abriael2029d ago

That's because it's free :D

joe902029d ago

Sweet ill grab Rainbow six for free.

LordDhampire2029d ago

Rainbow six vegas? what ....wait what?

Abriael2029d ago

It's free due to another promotion. "gratis" in german means "free."

Inception2029d ago

Not just in german, "gratis" in indonesia also means "free".

Ventus2029d ago

It also means free in spanish as well

Baltar2029d ago

In portuguese Gratis means free also

wenaldy2029d ago

Yeah, in indonesian means "free".

shivvy242029d ago

It also means free in chinese

Idba2028d ago

It means free in Norway too

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scott1822029d ago

many are doing good on Amazon US also.

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