Why I’m not too worked up about the next-gen console resolution wars

A certain corner of the game-focused Internet has been busy counting pixels this week, scrutinizing statements, screenshots, and videos for evidence that either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is providing a clearly superior graphical experience at launch. After examining all the available evidence, it seems clear that the PlayStation 4 versions of launch games like Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts enjoy a slight graphical advantage over their Xbox One cousins. It also seems equally clear, to me, that the difference just isn't that big a deal—unless you plan on playing games while looking through a magnifying glass.

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2033d ago
blusoops2033d ago

I'm not stressed out either.
Cause I'm getting a ps4

tordavis2033d ago

You guys keep counting pixels. If you really want the best graphics, get a PC.

HardcoreDaBoss2033d ago

amen... console graphics whorrs make me lol.

mistertwoturbo2033d ago

I got BF4 for the PC and now I regret it. While the graphics are great, it keeps crashing on me. Already updated all my drivers, reduced my overclocks, and everything. Seriously annoyed now.

AgentSmithPS42033d ago

Why get worked up, just buy a PS4 and be happy that you got the best deal.

Fool, why do you feel the need to point out the obvious. The PS4 version of BF4 puts out 56% more pixels that's a big f'n deal as Biden would say.

All of the PS4 gamers are going to have lots of fun, and the best part is we won't be playing with insecure little elitists.

I played on the 360 for a long time but I did my research and chose the PS4 because it gives me more of what I want for a great price.

worldwidegaming2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Totally agree! Why cry about res! Last gen was 720p until someone dropped the ball and told. Nothing beats true 1080p (all my pc games run native)
Complain about something small like that you might as well jointhe superior PC race!
Im still playing super nintendo games and its fun!

blusoops2033d ago

C'mon Tor! Not everyone wants to play on PC. I personally don't enjoy it and don't want to mess with all the settings and configurations.

I have nothing against the Xbone, but I am glad I'm getting the better machine for less.

Love the warzone btw. Please don't assume everyone is a pixel counter or a "console warrior".

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mp12892033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

You could take your chances that you won't notice the difference, or you could just save yourself $100.

MRMagoo1232033d ago

you wont notice the differene if you never go near a ps4 anyway i would imagine, and most of the xbone fans seem to never want to see a ps4 in action anyway , its one of those ignorance is bliss moments i guess.

The games will be just as fun on either console which is what matters the most imo but if i have to choose which version to get ill get the one with the better res and fps kinda logical i know but some ppl wont see it that way.

worldwidegaming2033d ago

Cant get dead rising and rather buy both! Getting the 1080p call of duty!
Best of both worlds!

3-4-52033d ago

I just want the best gameplay from games, mixed with a wide variety, and new types of games as well.

805Junior8052033d ago

If your getting a PS4, yeah, of course, you have nothing to worry about...

awesomeperson2033d ago

And neither does a limited RGB range.

When the PS4 screenshots are adjusted to crush the blacks as the Xbox One is doing, the comparison is made fair.

Please don't try to spin a 720p vs 900p and a frame rate advantage into a loss for the PS4.

lifeisgamesok2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Why sure it would ;)

After the well known devs and companies say the performance of the two is the same or identical I'll take you and indie devs working on Ps4 projects words instead /s

I'm talking about John Carmack, the producer of The Evil Within, the producers of Need for Speed when they said the consoles have the same power

WorldGamer2033d ago

@ lifeisgamesok

Link to evidence of the claim you made above please.

Angels37852033d ago


You should read this

It's how you a moron

FITgamer2033d ago

You are obviously stressed, you've probably been the most vocal fanboy on almost every thread since these announcements.

mistertwoturbo2033d ago

Hilarious that the last picture comparison shows how much worse the Xbox One version is. Look at the stairs and all those jaggies.

Oh wait it's you, you're also the one that thinks 720p is better than 1080p. Why do I bother.

Flutterby2033d ago

Right soooooooo 125% more pixels is now a slight advantage , but when there was a few more blades of grass on red dead on the 360 it was a huuuuuuuuge deal lol, there is no slight graphical advantage it is a big advantage, bf4 over 50% more resolution with better fps proving the ps4s power over the xbone , then cod with 125% more resolution also proving without a doubt the power advantage. This gen was all about the extra 1 to 2 frames per sexing or the extra 10p in res for the 360, but now the ps4 has a bigger gap on the xbone than the xbone has on the 360 and it doesn't matter lol.

Damage control at its best.

ambientFLIER2033d ago

Read dead looked blurry as hell on the PS3, had a worse framerate and was missing details...

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