Will a PS3 Download Service Starve Blu-ray?

owners may soon be able to watch movies without ever leaving their living rooms.

In an official PlayStation blog entry dated April 15, the game maker hinted at plans for the PlayStation Network in 2008 and a recent revamp of the PlayStation Store. A senior marketing executive also mentioned that a video service was in the works for the PS3. Then, a report in Monday's Los Angeles Times cited unnamed sources familiar with the matter who asserted a video service is indeed headed for the PS3 as early as this summer.

"Many of you have been hearing rumblings about a video service that will allow you to download full-length TV shows and movies via PlayStation Network for North America," wrote Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing and PlayStation Network, on the PlayStation blog. "While I don't have any new announcements here for the PlayStation Nation, it's already been confirmed that we'll be offering a video service for the PS3 in a way that separates the service form others you've seen or used.

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fenderputty3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

NO. Just because Sony is getting their feet wet with Digital Distribution, doesn't mean that physical media is about to be replaced. Why would a company shoot themselves in the foot like that?

Digital distribution is going to be awesome but it's not going to happen for some years. Even when it does become more prevalent, it's still going to be even longer before physical media gets whipped out. The CD is still alive and so is the DVD. Both are easier to download and store then HD media as well.

solar3856d ago

good comment. bubble my friend.

i own both physical and DD type media. if i had to pick between the two...physical is my choice. as is many. the technology isnt here yet for both HD space and availability of high speed networks. DD wont be the norm till then.

sonarus3856d ago

Nope. I wouldn't mind some DD on the ps3 but my primary source for HD media will still be blu ray at least until my hard drive has near infinite space

fenderputty3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

5 or so movies on a flash drive and take those with me to friends houses and such, then I'll go full DD. Until then, a stationary HD doesn't give me the freedom that physical media does. What if I want to let someone borrow a movie? What if I want to watch it at a friends house? It's not like standard HD's are even really set up for this. If a movie is 9gig and up, a collection of 100 movies is going to really put a squeeze on people. I already own almost 25 BD movies and I'm sure some people own more. Then there's the whole backing up of data? Would I be able to re-download movies? ETC ETC.

DD is a nice thought but, it won't be fully realized until some of the factors come into play.

gonzopia3856d ago

DD = great for immediacy.
BD = great for keeping.

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Anything but Cute3856d ago

to have to make their own downloadable movie rental service. Seeing how convienent that can be for rentals in the future.

The only think stopping this really is the connection speeds. Right now, movies still take too long to download.

Once the downloading times are realistically reduced to something managable. I do think physical media is gonna start to suffer.

cloud360-7th_account3856d ago

idiot, it doesnt need saving

-Ali Bongo

Lucreto3856d ago

I am opposed to DD but I may use it for one or two things if I had the option but hard copies are still good enough for me.

ruibing3856d ago

It just doesn't make sense if Sony choose NOT to integrate their multimedia conglomerate together to help promote each other. Sony Music and Pictures can become easily accessible to the living room through the PS3, and this gives more reason for the casual gamer to buy a PS3 for the full next gen experience.

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