Blue Dragon Video

Mistwalker has released a new video of the upcoming RPG game for Xbox 360 "Blue Dragon"

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Mikey_Gee4464d ago

or did anyone else notice that at 31 seconds into the video he looks like he is checking out that womens rack ???


Not sure if this will be my sytle of game, but even with the "CARTOONISH" look ... it looks very detailed, clean and smooth.

willud4skins4464d ago

looked pretty. not much in the video. i am dieing for a rpg so i could end up getting this one depending on the timing.

BIadestarX4464d ago

I think is great a new Generation of New IPs (RPG) are being made for the Xbox and PS3(So, Fanboys don't flame me) it's about time they stop beating on the dead cat (FF).

gamer20084464d ago

this is going to be amazing game i havent played anything from it but from the things i have been seeing and reading this seems to be exactly the type of game i have been looking for.