Steam Keys No Longer Offered With Humble Bundle Purchases

Humble Bundle buyers are reporting that Steam keys are no longer offered with purchase


No longer a Rumor; FAQ section states a change has been made

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4logpc2032d ago

Awful title. Makes it sound like you do not get any Steam support... Down Vote.

Are_The_MaDNess2032d ago

they should really change that title!
got really worried there that they wernt supporting steam at all now >____<

admiralvic2032d ago

A mod/admin needs to, since you're not allowed to do anything besides update once something is approved.

Jahbu2032d ago

LOL! My heart dropped when I read the title. But this way is a lot better than having to copy and paste codes. Great job Humble Bundle!

GentlemenRUs2032d ago

It's quite a stupid move if you ask me, Now we can no longer gift extra keys to our friends and family of games we already own...

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