Gamer Chat: Were The PS4 and Xbox One Rushed To Market?

The STFUandPLAY team discusses the implications of day one patching, missing MP3 and music CD compatibility and Sony and Microsoft possibly rushing their new consoles to market.

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NewMonday2032d ago

the insider CBOAT said the XB1 is rushed, the plan was for a 2014 release, they never expected Sony to do a 2013 release because IMOO the PS3 had a big number of exclusives for the PS3 yet to release, as a result of the rush the system wasn't tested enough and ESRAM became a bottleneck for higher than 720p resolution, also the OS crash chances are high and the network is unstable resulting in frequent disconnections

kazuma9992032d ago

Dont forget they also been fumbling xD cuz they rushed. Bad move M$

from the beach2032d ago

All speculation, but looking at the PS4's launch lineup they probably weren't ready for 2013 either - clearly their plan this round was "no matter what, we can't let MS go first.. again".

NewMonday2032d ago

"All speculation"

that what they said about the 720p resolution of BF4, and again about the 720p resolution of CoD but it was all true, and these reports are from the same sources, sources that proved their truth while Albert Panello was exposed.

from the beach2032d ago

I'm saying my comments were all speculation.

As for rumors from 'insiders', these will always be hit or miss. One being right doesn't mean we should assume the rest are, even if it's the same 'source'.

805Junior8052032d ago

Agreed. PS4 has gone well with great planning. MS was blindsided and rushed their media box to market. I feel like they where working all the media in the box and pushed the software capabilities for later. I wonder what else CBoat knows that he isn't telling us...

NewMonday2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

their IS something else from the chatter in NeoGaf but they refuse to even hint at it, they keep it locked in PM

GiantEnemyCrab2032d ago

So why did Sony decide to rush and then force MS to rush? When the system needs a patch day one just to use Blu-Ray and doesn't support basic things like MP3 and DNLA it doesn't sound like a system that was ready to go.

lifeisgamesok2032d ago

You still listen to CBOAT Lol let's go over somethings he has said

MS would announce a Platinum games exclusive at E3 or Gamescom- wrong
MS DRM will get worse- wrong
Xbox One downclocking- very wrong (upclocks to gpu and cpu)
PS4 launching in October- wrong
Mirror's Edge 2 Xbox exclusive at E3- wrong
Prince of Persia at E3- wrong
Exclusive DLC for a Capcom game at E3- wrong
Phil Spencer game World of Banks announced- wrong
60 minute limit to family sharing- wrong
Xbox Live wouldn't offer f2p games- wrong
Indies are limited to 2 cores and 3 gb's-wrong


come_bom2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

cboat reminds me Michael Pachter.

In a 100 predictions he'll probably get 10 that are right.

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EXVirtual2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

The PS4 is showing no signs of being rushed.
As for the XBO, it seems like it. To me at least.
They've increased the GPU and CPU (minor upgrades, but still) and they plopped in the ESRAM.
CBOAT reported that the XBO was rushed and seeing as he's on a roll with next gen rumors, I'm inclined to believe him.
I usually try not to jump to conclusions, but there are just so many red flags coming from the XBO.
@betrayed gamer,
That's a valid point. Personally, I don't really care about mp3 playback. I've got a phone and a computer for that. I get that it's an issue for some people, but I'm not going to take that as a reason to believe the PS4 was rushed. It is a games console anyway. What I will take to believe that the PS4 is slightly rushed is the BD player thing. It's quite strange to me.

betrayed gamer2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

no mp3 playback?
how is that not a sign of rushing. if the xbox one was rushed which i will agree it was, how the heck can it play movies and mp3's no problem? the main issue is the codecs for games that are giving developers problems. both systems have issues and will have issues. this is a launch of a new generation both consoles will have highs and lows and even a case of the sharts now and then.

betrayed gamer2032d ago

also everyone has a phone or a pc that can play music, but what about people who want it playing during the game? why do i have to use another device to play my music while im using one that should be able too?

ExPresident2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

As much as I love Sony and give them a ton of credit its pretty clear both consoles were rushed. Sony's Day 1 update that enables blu-ray playback is a perfect example, among other things.

That being said I'm still getting a PS4.

Bennibop2032d ago

I am sure it's the bluray aspect is anti piracy issue.

ExPresident2032d ago

@Bennibop - I very well could be, but it doesn't negate the fact that it should have been on board at launch, same with DVD play back, multimedia, DLNA, MP3 support etc.

Brix902031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Not disagreeing with you but the update is 300mb doesn't sound like it's installing much but just trying to connect to Sony's network for some ok's. People have been complaining to Shu so I'm sure this is something they'll correct in the first couple months.

lifeisgamesok2032d ago

No signs of the playstation 4 being rushed when it can't play music CDs and has a patch for nearly every feature?

jmc88882032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Music CD's was a decision.

MP3 was probably due to licensing. You NOW have to pay to use MP3 now. It used to be free.

They started producing these consoles a LONG time ago. I'm sure there are some that have been sitting in boxes since BEFORE the preorders were up. They said they had hit full production sometime in June, which means before hand, there was some sort of limited production.

So yes, unless you expected all the OS features to be ready by early June, then those features were going to be patched in.

GryestOfBluSkies2032d ago

my take on no audio cds or mp3s:
it was a calculated measures so they could push music unlimited. they are trying to sell subscriptions to their service, and thought a good way to do that was by leaving out music playback on ps4.

now if thats the case, i completely disagree with this measure and am very disappointed that they would try that. but i dont think that the exclusion of audio playback was because they rushed it to market.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2032d ago

Haha yeah whatever, people where so desperate for next gen before it was announced. ..

cyhm31122032d ago

another hypocritical article try to put both consoles at parity, in reality only xbone is rushed, weak and worthless.

KwietStorm2032d ago

Seeing as neither are actually in the market, I am not able to answer this question with any sort of factual information. But I know what I'll be doing on the 15th.

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