Shuhei Yoshida on Killzone: Shadow Fall: “The Best Killzone Ever for me”

One of the advantages in being the President of Sony Worldwide Studios is that you get to play a PlayStation 4 and all its games way before the rest of the world and, in Shuhei’s case, brag about it on Twitter.

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Mikelarry3683d ago

oO better than killzone two then i am very happy as i really really enjoyed killzone two both SP and MP

TheEnigma3133683d ago

KZ2 was a classic. There are still people playing multiplayer to this day

AlexanderNevermind3683d ago

I can't judge it until I play it but K2 was one of my favorite FPS' of all time. This was has to live up to those standards.

Evil_Abed3683d ago

you represent 25% of them. That place is a ghost town.

solidjun53683d ago

"you represent 25% of them. That place is a ghost town."

I highly doubt you would know.

MizTv3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Love it
My favorite fps on ps3
I have over 24,000 kills online

AlexanderNevermind3682d ago


35542 kills over two accounts

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FPSRUSSIA3683d ago

killzone 2 is the best killzone that has released we will wait and see if killzone 4 is better.

GTgamer3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I loved KZ2 SP because of Radec kept testing my skill and KZ2 multiplayer radec academy was the most fun map I've played in KZ series especially with the rocket launcher and speed boost= no mercy :3.i have high hopes for KZSF.

DOMination-3683d ago

Not difficult considering all but kz2 have been trash. Most overrated IP from the most overrated developer.

JackISbacK3682d ago

yeah i also agree all kz were trash only owners of ps3 only praise this game ,i have owned all of those consoles and gven chance to all of them ,but they all failed i played every game for quite some time and feel dissapointed ,ps3 owners always use to fight other people that ps exclusives are the best and some foolis youse to say that kz is better than halo haha i use to laugh ,i have already tested sp and mp of kzsf and game is having nothing to offer more than good graphics either some bad gameplay and bad level design,good work goorila you are on right track ,please god make those people play cod and bf ,so they can play some good games ,leaving that foolish kz2 ,they have been playing that bad game for so many years ,i dont know when sony fanboys will see the day .

Irishguy953683d ago

"President of Sony praises front line Ps4 exclusive"
N4G "Is it really better :) WOW"
Hahaha NEXT

MazzingerZ3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

He is actually a gamer, he actually accepted he thought Demon Souls sucked as it made him through the controller like many other players...and that was the reason SONY didn't publish it outside Japan, he called it a big mistake...but the point there is that the decision was based on his direct feedback! A president that is active in that way is a big plus for PS

other CEOs and similar in the game industry would think any game suck because they wouldn't know how to play them, for them is just a business to run

That's why SONY had always a good relation with devs, because its executives understand games

Irishguy953683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Sorry Mazzinger, but after all the **** about Xbox devs talking about anything to do with Xbox not being reliable, this is just a ****ing joke. I do like Shuhei, but there is no ****ing chance he would say anything otherwise than Killzone 4 being better than the others.

What else will he say "No KZ2 was better, play that". Whether or not KZ SF is better than the others remains to be seen. But taking this guys word for it is just the ultimate hypocrisy. He's the ****ing president of Sony. His word is perhaps the most untrustworthy after Microsofts president with regards to quality exclusives. Now lets see those 'trolling' bubble downs like you get for speaking sense on this site.

Goro3683d ago

Yeah i know but your not allowed to state the truth on N4G without getting a load of disagrees.

MazzingerZ3683d ago

Agree about being baised but a gamer is he without a doubt

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CanadianTurtle3683d ago

KZ3 was my favourite. It felt awesome using the jetpack. The online portion was truly underrated. One of the best online shooters I played

DA_SHREDDER3683d ago

I still play it once in a while, Operations mode was a brilliant addition to the series, and I hope they keep that mode and just add on to it even more.

Maddens Raiders3682d ago

About to play some KZ3 in a few minutes lol...

Lionalliance3683d ago

Man, KZ: Mercenary now this, i really can't wait!


Killzone mercenary is probably my favorite one out of the series so far. Maybe a tie between merc and 2.

NukaCola3682d ago

KZ Mercs is my #2 right behind KZ2.

H4all3683d ago

Can't Wait To Experience it...