GTA IV pirates recommend you 'go and buy this one

Joystiq writes:"Gasp! Pirated Grand Theft Auto IV game data has begun popping up on BitTorrent sites today. One alleged rip (6.32 GB) was compiled by a group known as "iCON" and apparently stripped from a PAL-region, Xbox 360 disc. A description of the file warns that the data is not region free and teases, "sorry bushlovers!" (Hey, that's "Mr. President George Dubya Bush lovers" to you, ya stinkin' pi-rats!).

An additional warning recommends would-be players stay off of Xbox Live lest "dirty little spies" catch them and ban their accounts. Ironically, at the end of the file description, the thievery and paranoia gives way to a glowing endorsement: "and guys, seriously, go and buy this one! R* deserves it..." How's that for a back-of-the-box quote!

[Note: We've chosen not to link to any torrent sites hosting the GTA IV tracker -- just take our word for it whydontya!]"

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Fishy Fingers3833d ago

That's better than any 10/10 review for me.

-EvoAnubis-3833d ago

That's why I submitted this story. If the people who are staling this game think that's it's worth buying, then it MUST be all kinds of awesome.

Not as if it's a surprise, but the story amused me.

MikeGdaGod3833d ago

i'm sure my buddy will have it by this weekend so i'll be able to get a preview.

i'm getting it anyway on PS3 so.........

Ghoul3833d ago

Actually every "good" release group wants you to buy the software / game
Those releases are made so people can test the full game software, before buying, thats the actual reason those groups "pirate" software in the first place.

meepmoopmeep3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

wouldn't renting be the same thing?

let's face reality. most people don't download things to "try" before they buy.

Ghoul3832d ago

totally agree there i wasnt implying that i do that i am as trong supporter for payd software, i just mentioned what theyre intention is. and you cant rent programs :)

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cloud360-7th_account3833d ago

this game shud not get 10/10 have u seen its graphics

SUP3R3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Yes I have and it's smooth, amazingly detailed and gorgeous.
So what's your problem?

cloud360-7th_account3833d ago

That table tennis game r* made has better graphics that GTA4

so far they have only been showing u nice images, which have crap graphics anwyay

the real graphics or probably even worse

-Hu Yu Hi Ding

Fishy Fingers3833d ago

GTA is hardly your standard corridor shooter, the sheer scale of the game forces compromise. The idea of comparing a game which consists of 2 players, 1 room and a ping pong ball to a living breathing city is preposterous.

Silellak3833d ago

Except that people have posted live gameplay videos, and they look awesome.

Which completely disproves your point.

But hey, thanks for your worthless opinion, I guess.

green3833d ago

LOL. great reply.bubbles up

permutated3833d ago

It's definitely one UGLY game.

People are such hype-sluts it's pathetic.

ATLRoAcH3833d ago

The gameplay looks amazing. Thats what I care about. All GTAs look best during gameplay.

Ghoul3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

actually i must say that i think gta4 looks better than most hightech Unreal Engine 3 shooters theses days.

because gta 4is deep down styled into every corner, offers one huuuge consistent world and open gameplay + the lighting is stunning in gta4.

i know ill get alot of disagrees because gta is no shaderforest like ue3 games.

permutated3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

2 disagrees in less than 5 minutes, thanks for proving my point that you people care more about shooting cops and having sex with hookers than you do about great looking, great playing gameplay...neither of which is present in GTA IV.

I'd be astounded if any reviewer gave the GTA series a bad review, they don't want to lose all the hits from 12 year olds one sites like these that don't know sh!t about video games.

I'll stick to Crackdown and GTA III instead of this overrated garbage.

Ghoul3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

seriously have you played gears of war ? Gorgoes game but dulll story and standard gameplay.

i give a gta game more creds expecially because of the gameplay Gta has so muc gameplay you can make 10 gears of war out of it.
+ gta4 looks absolutly fantastic

permutated3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Lol, Ghoul you don't know me don't make assumptions. Some of my favorite games are some of the "ugliest" by some gamers standards, they're just fun as hell.

-Gitraoo Man
-Street Fighter III: Third Strike
-Eternal Sonata
-Mass Effect

Most people who've played Gears and hate it, by the way, probably played it after it was hyped far too much. When it came out it was fantastic, at least to someone like me who tries his best not to get caught in the hype machine.

Please don't reply if you're just going to attack me and say how great GTA is even though you haven't played it.

Just play games, don't buy into all this crap. Obviously when GTA4 comes out I will try it, I'm not writing it off, I just don't think it should get the amount of attention its getting, mostly because it's the 'black sheep' of the media who see it as a source of evil in the lives of young gamers. I'm starting to agree with them.

INehalemEXI3833d ago

GTA IV is bomb. Watch out for that hype bra. Seriously some franchises and dev's transcend hype. Rockstar and GTA is one such case. I never had to question if I would want GTA IV.

Silellak3833d ago

"great looking, great playing gameplay...neither of which is present in GTA IV. "

Yet you just said you were going to "stick to" Crackdown and GTA3. fun I guess. And the art style is a matter of taste

But what does GTA3 have that GTA4 doesn't, besides a mute protagonist?

solsub3833d ago

it is not. Not even remotely close to the definition. Admit it, it looks like ass. Then again all GTA games have in the past.

That being said, it probably boasts some incredible gameplay, which is the aspect that counts the most in the end.

Ghoul3833d ago

"It's definitely one UGLY game.
People are such hype-sluts it's pathetic."

that where your words mate, you came into this with that insult and claim.
I never buy into hype before playing a game, i loved gears too when it came out and i still do. But gears got what 95% mainly because of the hype, gta games are another story, every gta game has been great so far and this wont make an exception.

Polluted3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

@2.2: Rockstar Tennis involved two guys standing in an empty room with a table between them. Of course the graphics were sharp. GTA 4 has an entire living, breathing city. Looks damn impressive if you ask me.

edit: @fishyfingers: Woops. Didn't see your comment up there. Looks like you beat me to it.

AllroundGamer3833d ago

i have to agree with cloud360-7th_account, i saw the game by a friend, and the graphics are horrible, everywhere is extensively used blur, bloom, depth of field, the textures are low resolution and framerate is probably around 20fps, which make the games overall slow. And i am one of those people who looked forward to play the game, don't make things up just to bash it.

JokesOnYou3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

with Cloud and others on this one....I'm a graphics whore, now that doesn't mean I don't favor gameplay overall because I do, but truth is GTA4 isn't close to the greatest looking game for either console, that doesn't mean it doesn't looks great on its own, especially considering how huge the game is but to say its "Gorgeous" or anything near the top echelon in terms of graphics on either system is just crazy imo...but hey once again this is GTA and like I said on the other thread, its amazing that 360/ps3 fans would even stoop so low as to compare minor graphics differences for a game thats basicly all about gameplay (all the crazy sh!t you can do in the game).= thats what GTA has always been about, or so I'm told.

ha ha but like it or not I can see it now as soon as the first side by side comparisons are released...."see I told you, look how warm that color looks on Niko's jacket"...."but, but, look at how sharp Niko's hair looks in this vid", lmfao, its inevitable.


LastDance3832d ago

Graphics are fine. As if its going to look like uncharted or GeOW through the entire city.

Did you want load screens every street? Im no tech head, but im faiiiiirly sure theres nothing in this world that could handle something like that. (i could be wrong) and if it could. You wouldnt be able to afford it.

The biggest thing that bugged me was a video i saw, when the main character walked up to a random guy and bowed up his fists ready to fight.
and the guy tried to walk through him, then did a twist and started puching him with the same blank face. pedestrians are still as dead as ever. and that to me is a let down. I was hoping next gen would bring something a bit more alive.

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solar3833d ago

soooo let me get this right....this group iCON pirates the game to bitTorrent then tells you to go buy it? hypocrites do exist.

green3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I dont even read anything concening GTA4 anymore because i get my copy on the 10th.Anymore previews or videos will just be torture.

I shall do my part for Rockstar making a good game by getting the original.

Tony240ZT3833d ago

I'm with you dude, I did my pre-order on amazon and I guess it's not getting here until the 5th. *Shrug* oh well, I've got some other things I need to finish playing.

titntin3833d ago

No news here?

Every single pirate group release says 'if you like this, go buy the original and support the devs'. Why would GTA be any different?

There's an almost desperate urge to post absolutelty anything related to this game.
Is it just me or does anytone else think all these desperate stories are a bit sad?If I were to post a submision saying ' GTA is relased in a plastic jewel case' it would probably be approved as news......

I don't know whats sadder, the fact that story is posted and approved or that I've bothered to type a reply... :)

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