PLAYSTATION 3 Gamers Enhance Call of Duty 4 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Gameplay With 'Freeks'

Today, KontrolFreek has announced that their Xbox 360 FPSFreek and SpeedFreek will soon be available for PLAYSTATION 3 gamers. The controller enhancements snap on to the existing PLAYSTATION 3 controller to improve your gameplay in racing and skating games (SpeedFreek) and FPS games (FPSFreek). The SpeedFreek cradles your thumb for ease in drifting and sharp turns, preventing slippage as well! The FPS Freek adds leverage to provide better accuracy to your aim.

The PLAYSTATION 3 SpeedFreek is now available for order at The FPSFreek is currently in the final testing stages and will be available in about a month for both the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3. Pre-orders receive a 20% discount.

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SiLeNt KNighT3832d ago

looks pretty interesting to me. something you can actually stick your thumb in would greatly help for fps games. along with being longer its common sense that it gives you far more control, especially when small increment changes in aim are needed. its all about leverage and this add on will give you much more leverage on control over the current analog setup. not really sure why somebody would say that this is a stupid add on then goes on to say how they can make one at home?? sorry but essentially doesnt that make you stupid?

jadenkorri3832d ago

only noobs needs this, ive been handling the dualshock controller since it came out and i love sony for not changing it, its what im used to and its what i kick ass with...sry xbox, ur first one was outrageously heavy and akward, built for heavy know those guys who lift weights on tv, ya those guys....the 360 one is not bad, smaller and does fit my hands better than the orginal, but i still prefer the dualshock/sixaxis, both the same only lighter for one...anyways this addon, i bet its gonna be 19.99 or something, what waste...

aggh im on fire3832d ago

Yeah i agree. i don't have any problems with slippage on the sticks though a little on the ps triggers. But generally the pads are fine.

damnwrx3832d ago

are good to go, no slippage....

Nevers3831d ago

me to bring alcohol pads to my buddies house next time around ;P

poopsack3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Looks like two unnecessary, overpriced pieces of junk to me. Why do I say overpriced? Because they shouldnt even cost more than 1 buck, statistics say they will.

DomUltra3832d ago

Uh, no thanks. The material on the analog pads are anti-slip, same with Xbox 360 controller pads.

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The story is too old to be commented.