"Gamer" - Is It Really That Bad?

Richard Drummond breaks down his views on the term "gamer".

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GarrusVakarian2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Im damn proud of it. The type of people who look down on gamers are the same type of people that sit on facebook/tiwtter 23 hours a day and watch trash TV. Hypocrites.

We get to have interactive experiences with limitless genres and ideas to get emotionally attached to and get lost in, what's to be ashamed of?

-Foxtrot2027d ago

I think the term has become a bit mainstream ever since the Wii came out. Anyone who even looks at a video game console now say they are a gamer.

It's not just about playing on games, you could play on all the big blockbuster games which are most talked about because it's "in" at the moment but it dosen't mean your a gamer.

For me it's about passion and knowledge aswell.

Passion because I love gaming and are always looking out for new games/consoles. Especialy viewing sites like this one and always have things like the dates toE3 and VGAs written down.

Knoweldge because I actually know about a game I'm buying, I know about the backstory, I know about the past games if it has any, I know who the studio are, I know about the publish and hell I could even name some people in the studio or behind the game in general.

For example when Skyrim came out over the hype the Elder Scrolls franchises has gained over the years, remember when hardly no one gave a crap about Morrowind and thought it was geeky like World of Warcraft geeky, now look at the hype Skyrim got. SOME PEOPLE...and I said SOME, thought Skyrim was the franchises name "Oh i can't wait for Skyrim 2 to come out" <sigh>

I know I shouldn't be ticked off or be angry but people who claim they are gamers when they aren't really, really bug me. If I pick up a paint brush and paint a few canvas's does that make me an it doesn't

NinjaRichParty2026d ago

Hahaha Skyrim 2. That had me cracking up for sure!