Tidus's Laugh Makes The Big Bang Theory Actually Funny

Youtube user skylazor has replaced the laugh tracks in the Big Bang Theory with Tidus's forced laugh.

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-Foxtrot2032d ago


If you want real geeky comedy then go watch the IT Crowd.

I've always wondered if Sheldon's different "geeky" shirt each episode came from Roy in the IT Crowd since he was well known for wearing awesome geek shirts.

Best episode - The Work Outing Series 2


Zettroid2032d ago

Such an amazing show that! Shame it's finished :(.

Snookies122032d ago

Implying that Big Bang isn't actually funny... It's one of the few shows that deserves its popularity.

-Foxtrot2032d ago

Maybe the first season or two but after whats happened where they take the p*** out of the geek culture instead of trying to make it funny, not to mention adding female leads other then Penny which coincidently are a perfect match for the male characters....I think it's becone terrible to be honest. Plus Sheldon in large doses can start to grind on you.

Worst part about it is how much merchandise there is now...on great sites like ThinkGeek it's either silly Adventure Time stuff or Big Bang Theory <sigh>

Pozzle2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Yeah, I didn't mind the first few seasons where the jokes didn't seem so mean-spirited and lazy. But after a while the whole "laugh at geeks doing geeky things" schtick got old, the main characters were turned into intolerable asshats, and the laugh track became even more obnoxious. Now Sheldon only needs to walk into a room and the audience almost dies of laughter. :/

Bimkoblerutso2032d ago

For all the hate I have for Chuck Lorre and every one of his routinely unfunny shows, I have to respect the fact that he and his crew somehow tricked a sizable group of viewers into thinking Sheldon was actually a funny character...and not simply one of the single most annoying ones ever conceived. Thankfully people finally seem to be coming around, but still...

It would be nice to get a show that didn't slap geeks with the same boring, inane stereotypes that have been around since the 70's, if only for some goddamned variety.

jujubee882032d ago

It's syndicated for a reason. I just don't watch or care about it. (Or think it's as funny as the people laughing think it is)

jagstatboy2032d ago

wow at the disagrees. It's the best comedy on TV right now and has been for along time.

LightofDarkness2032d ago

Have you even seen Community? It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia? There are a number of shows I would put ahead of this one. It was funny at first, then it became laugh AT the geeks instead of laugh WITH the geeks. Then the jokes became derived from the plots and not the characters, which caused them to become parodies of themselves. Now all the jokes are mostly "relationships are funny."

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2032d ago

What are you 12? There are PLENTY of shows that are far funnier then this poor excuse of a show.

Mutant-Spud2032d ago

Parks and Recreation is a funnier show.

-Gespenst-2032d ago

Nah, I've never liked it. Every joke just piles it on way too thick, and the punchline is implcitly always the same. It's just "oh that's funny because he made he a nerdy pop-culture reference or some rudimentry reference to science when he could have just said something normal. That's so zany." It's not funny to me, it's the same joke over and over, and it's poor a substitute for well written and consistently funny dialogue.

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Pozzle2032d ago

It's weird seeing sitcoms without the laugh track. It makes you realize how awkward and stilted the conversations would be in real life.

Irishguy952032d ago

The best ones don't need a laugh track.

Only fools and horses
Faulty towers

Kyosuke_Sanada2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Remeber when sitcoms were "Filmed in front of a live studio audience", Pepperidge Farms remember....

paul-p19882032d ago

The Big Bang Theory IS filmed infront of a live audience

SpiralTear2032d ago

Jim Parsons is the best thing about this show. He does a fantastic job of being that egotistic, elitist nerd that annoys everyone, but still is awkwardly funny.

Seriously, rehearsing Sheldon's lines surely takes a huge amount of effort.

It's funny to me.

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