War Of The World’s – Xbox One Vs PS4

WCCF: Why the PS4 is a better buy than the Xbox one

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Maddens Raiders2032d ago

"some hardcore Xbox fans are convinced that the next battle in this arena will be won by Sony. Not only the price but the hardware alone is better on the PS4. What more would u want than getting superior hardware while costing less?"

Well that pretty well sums things up right there.

NewMonday2032d ago

also great 1st party studios pushing the hardware, just look at Killzone,Infamous and the Order, nothing comes close, and we still didn't see what ND,and SSM have up their sleeve, and they have 2 team each now, also the next big idea from MM.

an insider also said Sony will try to make a FF "killer" JRPG

GameNameFame2032d ago

Steady stream of exclusive.

While MS just buying temporary exclusives. Remember Xbox 360? After 2 years of ms bought out exclusive, Xbox had so little exclusive.

Even worse MS lost bioware and bungie. Lionhead makes far less quality games. Rare is done.

While Sony expanded all their studios.

Triella2031d ago


And additionnaly to having great 1st party titles, Sony also knows how to pick and secure great exclusives by 3rd parties : littleBigPlanet, Valkyria Chronicles, Demon's souls, Tales of Xilia, Flower/Journey, etc.

sigfredod2032d ago

Yes, i also have notice a trend lately on these comments section, that several xbox hardcore fans have begun to have doubts to keep supporting M$ product this gen

DEEBO2032d ago

Someone just said this in a other post but i will repeat it.
two more weeks,two more weeks,two more weeks!

GiantEnemyCrab2032d ago

Whatever you say boss. The launch games have me sold on the XB1 and if it supports MP3 and DLNA at launch then yeah it will be the primary system in my living room.

I have no doubts about the PS4 being great but it's just not a clear winner AT LAUNCH for me.

wynams2032d ago

"heck ya man gimme 720p and mp3/dlna any day" ~
no one, ever

nasnas762031d ago

How about external harddrive support for XB1 and none for PS4. Read the FAQ that was just updated today.

supes_242031d ago


I respect your opinion but why do you care so much about what's available at launch? I know Sonys launch isn't stellar but I know they will make most of the best games out theremin the coming year and will continue for years after that. On the other hand, MS always has the good stuff in the beginning and never expands on it. Take 360 as example. What did they have, Gears? I loved the series but it got worse and old really quick. Sony gave us the best games of this generation. Uncharted trilogy, The Last of Us, Metal Gear, them eventually got Mass Effect trilogy too. Buying a system based on launch titles is a gimmick companies use to sell the system and screw the customer by not supporting it much after that. Heck, even Titanfall 2 is coming to the PS4 man.

Automatic792031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )


You say you respect his opinion but then go by mentioning 2 great ps3 games and 2 multiplatform games and knock Xbox 360 because gears got weaker guess what that is your opinion to many the Xbox 360 was home to excellent games as well. Using past scenarios shouldn't dictate the future either. Giant is excited of next gen so should you don't be hypocritical.

Note: we should all care what's available at launch and beyond after all we are all spending a good amount money and we should have excellent features and a variety of big games.

killahvirus2031d ago

@giant enemy crab...i agree

medman2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

GiantEnemyCrab...who the heck decides to purchase a console based on the launch lineup? Are you really that shortsighted? People are excited about PS4 because of the power advantage, the pricing advantage, and the first party developer advantage. That means that much like this gen, while Sony is busy pumping out games that are winning awards, Microsoft still seems to think the best way to compete is by offering timed exclusive content and paying for, instead of nurturing, developer content and talent. That is not a winning strategy. I can admit the launch lineups aren't phenomenal, but that is to be expected for both consoles. What you must admit is Sony's recent history suggests they fully support developers and unique titles while Microsoft doesn't seem capable of that same vision.

Hicken2031d ago

Xbox fanboys do. And it's not that they're shortsighted. It's that they've decided it doesn't matter.

Oh, they know the post-launch lineup DOES matter. But if they acknowledge it does, then they'll have to admit Microsoft's not exactly been very good at that part, and that they don't seem poised to do so with the upcoming generation.

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Godhimself_In_3d2032d ago

Sorry to hear that lol no im not go trade in your 1080p tv as you won't be needing it and i was told the ps4 was a ps3.5 lmaooooooooo more like xbox 361.

supes_242031d ago

Ummm...what in the hell are you trying to say?

killahvirus2031d ago

At the end of the day people we are all gamers. I remember when gamers were looked at as stoners and losers. We're arguing like we get paid from either company. Just like the age old argument apple or android. Both have a amazing features its down to which you prefer.

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