Feeling Puzzled? echochrome Demo Coming to PSN

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Hello PlayStation.Blog Readers! My name is Kumi Yuasa and I am the Associate Producer for the upcoming PSN game echochrome. This is my first post on the blog, and I'm excited that my debut here on the blog is to announce that free PS3 and PSP echochrome demos will be available for download tomorrow on the PlayStation Store on the PS3. The PSP demo version will also be available for download on the PlayStation Store for PC.

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Boink3829d ago

want to see more of this game, it looks so cool...

eagle213829d ago

Read this gamespot preview:

"Echochrome will also feature a Canvas mode in which you can design your own levels using a very user-friendly editor that lets you create one from scratch or use one of the 56 premade puzzles as a starting template to trick out. The Portfolio mode houses the various puzzles that you've created or traded with friends. Due to the obvious disparities in processing power and memory, the PS3 will allow for larger, more intricate puzzles to be created, whereas the PSP's puzzles will be a bit smaller. The PS3 will also feature a more robust sharing feature than its portable cousin. On the PS3, you'll be able to create your own puzzles and send them to friends as well as post them to the Echochrome site, where the development team will review them and handpick the coolest ones to share with fans. The PSP will be able to share maps with other players only via ad hoc sharing."

duarteq3829d ago

Played that some weeks ago, at the japanese store. really nice and mind cracker game.

Sev3829d ago

Everyone said I was a liar. Echochrome demo, IS out tomorrow.

DomUltra3829d ago

We love you Sev, don't worry.

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