Playstion 4 BF4 Multiplayer Review - 64 Players 60 FPS! (Battlefield 4 PS4 Gameplay/Commentary)

Take a look at the how well the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 performs against the top features of a PC and how they might be a little different.

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GarrusVakarian2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

64 players looks to be no problem for the PS4 even at 900p and 60fps. The PS4 is the console of choice for BF4 it seems. YouTube really needs a 60fps option for videos, this isn't doing it any justice.

The map design for this game looks to be a serious step up from BF3 in my opinion, every map ive seen so far looks awesome and very well designed/thought out.

Lord_Sloth2031d ago

MAG proved that 64 players at 60fps should have been no problem for the PS3. The 900p part would have been a great stretch though...

Either way I can't wait to get my hands on BF4!

GarrusVakarian2031d ago

Yeah but you also have to consider better lighting, particle physics, destruction, AO, better textures. If MAG looked like BF4 there's no way it would have ran at 60fps at 64 players.

ZBlacktt2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

MAG also didn't have to look good to be one of the best damn FPS ever made. Nothing has ever touched MAG Domination thus far. I've never had so much fun in a FPS ever. With 128 vs 128 it was pure chaos. One of my favorite Plat trophies I've earned. Would buy MAG 2 day one easy!

AlexanderNevermind2031d ago

Was just looking at this on YouTube. Very well put together review of the MP. Seems like the PS4 won over a PC convert. Can't wait until 15 November!!!

0ut1awed2031d ago

60fps for MAG? Are you sure?

I barley remember the game but that seems like something that would have stuck out. A quick google search reveals no proof of that either.

Lord_Sloth2031d ago

No, MAG wasn't 60 fps, it just had 256 players in a room with at 30 fps.

lets_go_gunners2031d ago

Mag ran at 19fps...I dropped that game the day I bought.

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Kayant2031d ago

60fps gameplay if your pc can handle it :p --->

Sci0n2031d ago

What setting is the best to view it HD or High?

Last_Boss2031d ago

This was a great review, with extremely level headed answers. This is how a review should be, straight no venom chaser.

See you guys on the Battlefield

mistertwoturbo2031d ago

Future Xbox One Owners, be sure to set the youtube video to 720p instead of 1080p for more clarity for your eyes.

JackISbacK2031d ago

why ps4 only ,i want to clarify that game on both consoles looks good and very same here in no hell you can notice the diiference between 720p and 1080p ,yeah so plese dont make controversies ,i hope you are not paid buy sony ,are you doing publicity of ps4 ,yeah not ,you are not doing i belive but please dont post those comments when you make 1 biigger than another ,have fun man if you are getting ps4 that is great but one who is getting xbox one ,u=yeah abviosly that is also great as like every one of you will have same fun with the game and will amazing graphics on both console ,if ps4 guys will see amazing graphics of kz sf so xbox guys will also see amazing graphics od ryse ,yeah i'am exited for both of them and their features.have fun.

GarrusVakarian2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

The video is showing battlefield 4 on PS4 so why would i talk about anything other than the PS4? And if you think there isn't any difference between 720p and 1080p then you are very wrong and must not have ever played at native 1080p.

JackISbacK2030d ago

first of all bf4 on ps4 runs at 900p and on xbox one it runs on 720p and check it buy yourself there are many diiferences posted on internet and ask it buy your self which looks better,yeah significantly there you will find no difference ,but before seeing what is wriiten below the gameplay in the video ,you will notice that xbox is showing better graphics and you will be shocked,i'am not saying that xbox is superir but i'am saying that people complaing abut resolution is rely foolish even most of them have no knowledge about concluding on which console the game looks better if they use to read that ps4 is written below it so they use to say that the ps4 is having more better graphics ,those people can only find the deffernce who all are not fanboys and use to look at the facts.iknow you are not i've read many of your comments .yeah news about 720p on xbox one is a pain but they will solve this problem soon because when the new technolgy use to come out it take time for people to understand it perticularly and i hope may be ms working hard for solving this problem.

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Supermax2031d ago ShowReplies(1)
PR_FROM_OHIO2031d ago

WOW The PS4 is a BEAST!!!!

Aleithian2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )


EDIT: Wow, that guy's chopper skills are amazing. Shame I had to cancel my PS4 preorder. Oh well. Next year.

The Meerkat2031d ago

WTF 4SP....its only 4 hours long

310dodo2031d ago

who plays single player for Battlefield?

jesus christ
$66 for multiplayer is what they offer

Aleithian2031d ago

BF is a MP game with a SP option, basically.

dcj05242031d ago

And the MP is 400 hours.

FragMnTagM2031d ago

It is a pretty nice campaign though. It took me 6 hours to beat it and I wasn't rushing or taking my time.

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