Activision on games like 'Call of Duty': 'People appreciate our approach'

This week has already seen the release of Assassin's Creed IV, and the yearly sports titles have been making the rounds over the last couple of months. Examiner recently spoke with Activision's Eric Hirshberg, whose company is just about to release the next annual entry in their Call of Duty franchise, and asked whether he thought yearly titles were underappreciated.

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GarrusVakarian2032d ago

People may love Call Of Duty games but there's only a certain amount of time the 'small risk, safe approach' can last for. The pre order numbers for Call Of Duty:Ghosts show this to be true as they aren't as high as past games in the franchise.

Take risks, step things up or your fans WILL eventually get bored and move onto something else. And with BF4 looking better than CoD in almost every way, i can see alot of people jumping ship.

RuleNumber52032d ago

I agree with you there. I also kind of wonder, what would gaming be like with zero yearly releases every year? Would gamers start to miss those games when we would end up with only a large handful of new releases each year? While yearlies get ripped on, some deservedly so, they do represent the back-bone of a stream of consistent, "new" content that I think some people take for granted at times. I think 5 years without yearly installments would make people think different about games like CoD, AC and others.

GarrusVakarian2032d ago

Leave it 4 years, make an entirely new engine and then come back semi fresh. I know that would be alot more appealing to me.

RuleNumber52032d ago

It would be to me as well. I just think it's an interesting question to ponder, even though we'll never see it happen.

kazuma9992032d ago

Been playing bf3 all week and I say I am going to enjoy bf4 in 2 weeks. I will also get ghost at a later time tho because all my friends love that game for some reason lol.

KrisButtar2032d ago

BF series is so much better than COD but I don't see how anyone would jump ship until it has some local mp options which is the major reason/draw people buy it yearly. My friends are diehards CODs and the only reason that keeps them around and buying each new copy yearly is the local mp otherwise they would've moved onto another FPS. BF has always been on their watch list but with that feature that is where it will stay with them

obelix012032d ago

I like COD when I need a quick fix of chaos. Small maps on free for all. But I can't take the game seriously like some fanatics do. I do enjoy the single player. But overall the game has started to feel really cheap in the past few years. World at war was by far the best one in my opinion.

Chapter112032d ago

Buy a bunch of studios and force them to pump out the same COD game every year. Yeah, I love that approach.

Grimhammer002032d ago

Thing is no anti-cod gamer ever wants to discuss what cod does right, different than say bf4.
We all know the bf series "wins" over cod.

But what about cod?

-load times. This is important. I always miss the instant action cod provides.
-speed, mobilty. It's not's just fun.
-modes. There's something for everyone. And the variation lends itself to alleviation of any boredom you will feel 6 months after release.
-metagame. The perk system adds a level of customization that matters. Beyond the simple choices of gear.
-craziness. Dogs taking out helicopters & aliens is most unrealistic....again it's fun. Biggest sadness is having a rabid fanbase beg for Dino's and not delivering because "it breaks integrity of the military gameplay"

There's also the feel. That inexplicable response timing

Now granted - I see many issues I'd like to see addressed. The hit boxes could be smaller, sniper rifles and rocket launchers should really add weight. No scoping on the run with a 50 cal sniper rifle is the very definition of anti-immersion.

Still, I enjoy cod for what it is.