Is the next gen pricing itself out of the market?

"PS4 games have a £60 RRP. The Xbox One costs £425. That'll put a lot of strain on wallets this Christmas, when what the industry really needs is a price cut, not a price hike" - Everybody Plays

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GarrusVakarian2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I refuse to pay anything above £40 for a game, maybe £45 for titles i really, really want like Fallout 4, GTA6. But i hate that retailers bump up the prices just because its next gen, so ill just do what i did this gen and rent what i want to play and on the odd exception, pay full price.

Also, the fact that not every game has the same amount of content but all games are priced the same is another thing that bugs me. I think that £30 is a much more reasonable price to ask.

You lucky Americans, your game prices are staying the same as current gen prices. >:(

kazuma9992026d ago

Thx :D and to our economy the gaming price is actually dropping :O woot XD

jeffgoldwin2026d ago

O don't you worry about our prices here. Very soon were gunna have a lot of inflation going on due and higher taxes due to all the socialist policies Obama is making.

hazardman2026d ago

You mean the Republicans!!

jeffgoldwin2026d ago

Um no republicans want small government and low taxes. Always have.

Whitey2k2026d ago

glad I work at a supermarket for me its £60 plus discount so that's £54 pound for me soweet

SniperControl2026d ago

£54! screw that, i paid £47 each for AC:BF, FIFA 14 and Knack from Amazon UK.

PixelNinja2026d ago

Damn, I'd never pay that much for a game in its standard edition.

ziggurcat2026d ago

games haven't changed in price at all (many thought they'd be more expensive), and new hardware is always going to be pricey when it first comes out... and $399 for a PS4 is not *that* expensive.

kingspoonian2026d ago

In the UK, it's £350, but should be more like £300. Games have also gone up in the UK, with an RRP that's £20 more than the PS3 launch titles were.

yarbie10002026d ago

No. PS3 launched for $600 in 2006

jackanderson19852026d ago

2006 was the height of the economic boom for the world... 2013 is a different picture altogether, recessions in a number of country, record unemployment yada yada

Mikelarry2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

i am still eagerly awaiting the price to go back to normal because 49.99 for a game is just ridiculous. if the price does not go down then i might not own as much games as i currently do on my ps3.

also Sony said first party titles will remain the same price this is not true as knack and kill zone are selling for 49.99 or higher at all retail stores.

jackanderson19852026d ago

Sony said their RRP's are staying the same... what shops sell them for is their own choosing, retails can add on as much or take away as much as they'd like

Codey472026d ago

Although Sony's pricing of digital titles are scandalously priced. I have a feeling that Sony will "price" themselves way beyond the RRP as sony have displayed in the past, present and quite possibly the future.

Sony need to "price check" with retailers and charge accordingly with retail and online(daily) to remain even remotely competitive.

The price of BF4 also has me's the day and age where the gamer expects more for their money. I know BF4 has a strong multiplayer..but I also value the single player campaign..... before I jump into the online mayhem and 5 hours doesn't cut it for me.

Knack is also another title imo that doesn't constitute the admission fee with a 10 hour campaign. a bit better than Battlefield 4.... but still considered as a piss take in my eyes.

My least played character in GTA5 was Michael at 12hours...baring in mind the other characters amassed over 24hours with the other two, before completion.

£100 on GTA5 collectors edition= money well spent considering over 36 hours alone... have been put into the single player campaign.

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