Spencer Talks Gears of War On Xbox One: "I Think It Ran Its Course On 360"

GR: Microsoft's Phil Spencer recently discussed the future of the Gears of War franchise and whether or not it will have a home on Xbox One.

Spencer explained that while the franchise was a huge part of the Xbox 360's lineup, it would need some reworking if it does ever come to the Xbox One, as the series essentially "ran its course on 360."

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-Foxtrot2034d ago

Wonder if Epic will ever go multiplatform...if Microsoft think Gears has ran it's course then they could end up doing a new franchise.

Or if they have a big enough idea for a new Gears game and MS aren't interested as much maybe the next trilogy will come to the PS4 aswell.

xHeavYx2034d ago

I wonder if he is kind of distancing himself from Epic because he knows something we don't?

abzdine2034d ago

did....he..just confirm it as multiplatform?

acharlez2034d ago

Or he just recognizes that the Gears series needs a bit of a break.

We wouldn't want Epic to run it into the ground, right?

Manic20142034d ago

i doubt that, in the ign podcast he was praising them heavily for the success of GOW and more......

Anon19742034d ago

I agree with acharlez that maybe the series just needs a bit of a break. When Gears first came out I was blown away. It screamed next gen to me and I felt it signaled a tipping point. Now we could see what the 360 was capable of, more games would start coming out that were as impressive as Gears. And I waited, and waited, and ultimately the promise of more Gears quality titles went unfulfilled.

When Gears 2 came out I was excited, but my expectations were tempered and I couldn't help but notice that the slight bump in visuals from the first Gears to the second came at a price as there were only ever so many enemies on the amount of enemies on the screen at any one time seemed scaled back compared to Gears. I loved Gears 2, but it didn't blow me away like the first did.

Ultimately, I meant to purchase Gears 3 but just got caught up with other games and Gears 3 came and went and I didn't feel like I missed out. Gears Judgement (I actually had to Google it to make sure I had that correct) was never on my radar and apparently not on anyone else's radar either. Did the game even break a million yet?

I love the mythos they built up with Gears and I'd like to see a return at some point, but it's time to let the series rest for a few years and then start fresh after that time.

ziggurcat2034d ago

"did....he..just confirm it as multiplatform?"

i don't think so... i think he just (more or less) confirmed that gears, as a series, was done.

badz1492034d ago

wow. ran its course? why the sudden downplay, MS?

NewMonday2034d ago

@xHeavYx and badz149

I'm feeling the exact same thing, going as far as downplaying it means it something big, my gut tells me it could be a PS4 exclusive.

AlexanderNevermind2034d ago

So put Gers to the side and work on another Unreal Tournament. I for one loved that series.

Mr_Writer852033d ago


Why would he be praising God of War?

Surely he should be praising Gears?

guitarded772033d ago

Gears is the one exclusive that would get me to have to have an XBOX One.

P0werVR2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

@xHeavYx @newmonday


You guys know how to run with BS real quick. Very sad.



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Tidybrutes2034d ago

Im pretty certian the Gears of War IP is owned by Microsoft, no way it will ever be multiplatform.

JoSneak2034d ago

well buddy you're wrong coz Epics owns the IP

Clover9042034d ago

"Or if they have a big enough idea for a new Gears game and MS aren't interested as much maybe the next trilogy will come to the PS4 aswell."

Not interested.

ZombieGamerMan2034d ago

To people thinking MS really fees the series ran its course, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! No seriously MS doesn't give a damn on whether something ran its course. Halo ran its course and guess what Halo 4 happened and there's a 5 for X1. MS runs franchises to the ground and if he's talking like that over Gears of War its because they lost exclusivity to the series. Gears of War coming to PS4 in the future.

Kurt Russell2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Say it, don't spray it mate.

scofios2034d ago

The problem with gears is the same as resident evil.
The key players left.
Shinji mikami, Hideki Kamiya, the whole clover studio left Capcom .

Cliffy B ,Rod Fergusson , Mike Capps ,left Epic

Legion212034d ago

The problem is epic didn't develop judgment. Epic is still capable of making good games, Gears just needs a break.

JackStraw2033d ago

epic can still make good games, sure. but not another gears. a lot of the people who left epic were the life of gears.

Mystogan2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Some franchises deserve to be put to rest. If they can't come up with a new gears. That expands the franchise in a meaningful way. Then there's no point to keep dragging it on. Especially when the trilogy already ended.

I'd rather have a new IP. Hopefully also exclusive to Xbox.

XboxFun2034d ago

If you want we can set up another petition on to beg Epic to bring Gears over to PS4. Just like there's one for Titanfall, Deadrising 3 and Ryse right now.

I doubt MS would let the Gears franchise go anywhere else.

Killjoy30002034d ago

Nah, Uncharted destroys Gears as a third person shooter.

Legion212034d ago

@KillJoy I enjoy both Gears and Uncharted but I'd have to say Gears has much tighter mechanics and a better cover system which is very important in a third person shooter.

AngelicIceDiamond2034d ago

Phil talks to Epic games. And he just syaing Gears is getting old on 360 and wants to start fresh on X1.

Could this game go multiplat sure, maybe who knows. But I didn't read anything in there that hinted Gears going multiplats.

You would think Xbox fans would crowd this article, surprise, surprise I guess not.

Neoprime2033d ago

Or they can go back to Unreal, Unreal Tournament, and Unreal Championship.

JackISbacK2033d ago

you moron sony fanboy its ms buied franchise they have the rights of it ,yeah the franchise needs abreak but i belive that epic is working on an another game as he stated the guys are buisy now a days thats a signn epic is making anew ip for xbox one ,just like naughty dog is making new ip ,yeah i wnat to play the game from both cpmpany both are amazing and i would like these companes to stick to there respective consoles.

MuhammadJA2033d ago

and when a new gears or ip turns out x1 exclusive: "who cares, gears sucks, sony xclusIveZ ftw!!11"

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DEEBO2034d ago

Well that was a dumb thing to say.
Gears has it's following and to just forget about what it has done for the 360 is just nuts.
This was the game that show what the 360 could do.

acharlez2034d ago

To be clear, he's not saying Gears of War won't be coming to Xbox One. However, if it does, they'd like to rework it a bit.

Judgment's weak reception was an indication of franchise fatigue.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2034d ago

Gears of war 3 is the only multiplayer game I keep coming back to. i still play it every other day.

acharlez2034d ago

Gears 3 really does have fantastic multiplayer.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2034d ago

I grew tired of gears3 after my umpteenth match where everyone was using gnashers rambo style

The Meerkat2034d ago

Its all about the teamwork. That's why its one of the best MP games ever IMO.

Every gun has its place. The trick is not to be in the place where you opponents gun works best.

Kayant2034d ago

Agreed only ruined by the awful OP retro lancer & bad connection on my end.

hello122034d ago

I don't think Microsoft understood why Gears judgement failed and still doesn't.

I've played them all and fans did not like the direction Gears judgement took at all and turned against it.

It was never about gears running out of steam. Gears still has millions of fans who'll happily buy Gears 4, but you got to stick to what made it great, in the first place.

Kurt Russell2034d ago

Judgements main let down was the maps I thought. I didn't mind the gameplay becoming faster, and instant grenades etc... I just didn't like the developed for free for all maps, it didn't help team based modes (what I think was Gears' bread and butter).

bloop2034d ago

Same here. Gears 3 is the one game that I still play regularly, and it's the one reason why I haven't put my money down on a next gen system yet. I'm probably swinging more towards the PS4 for my next console, but I'm still waiting for a Gears 4 announcement to fully make up my mind on which console to get first. I don't care if it's on either console. If they're seriously talking about laying the series to rest I'll be gutted. It's my favourite MP game of all time. If Gears 4 is in the works tho, I just hope to god it's not the same team that made judgement!!

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mikeboccher2034d ago

I actually did a story a while back that Gears on Xbox one will be a prequel featuring Dom's brother as a focal character taking place 200 years before locust. It's over on MXL

LoveOfTheGame2034d ago

How the hell would Dom have a brother over 200 yrs ago. Your either crazy or I missed something completely.

Evil_Abed2034d ago

Dom's brother.
200 years prior to E day
Sounds legit.

Belking2034d ago

That's ok for me. i'll take Titan Fall, Ryse and Killer instinct over gears anyday.