Albert Panello Clarifies Xbox One User Interface and Snap Mode features

Albert Panello clarifies details on regarding the leaked Xbox One User Interface Demo

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BallsEye2031d ago

Faster than in this video? I can't imagine... it was running amazingly smooth and fast IMO. First time I saw a console web browser that actually works.


Click on the article and scroll down to look at the "machinima snap". Looks awesome!

BallsEye2031d ago


That's sick! I remember running back and forth from xbox to PC when playing Skyrim to get what I need. This will make gaming so much better. I normally don't use any guides but for big games like skyrim this is a life saver!

Bigpappy2031d ago

The snap feature is a huge feature. It will be use a lot and missed when playing on other systems.

abzdine2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Fair enough, let's see if that changes in the future or is it again one way to push things.

Mr_cheese2031d ago

It does work pretty smoothly. I do like the idea of this feature, and wonder if the ps4 will have something along these lines further down the line, I hope so.

This is why competition is a good

mikeboccher2031d ago

obviously if you go from anywhere into a game like titanfall in the video, you won't be right in the middle of the game like that. If you did you would just have guys going AFK all day in order to not have to die/lose weapons etc but beat levels and get credit for it. Plus, it pauses the game for you and in an always online game like titanfall you would still be able to get killed if you left to watch tv for a few mins before coming back. If you pause battlefield and go watch tv for anything more than 30 seconds someone will kill you.

CRAIG6672031d ago

you can "snap" via voice command and keep playing your game... obviously pointless in certain scenario's but might be good in others...

4Sh0w2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Damm thats sweet, everything is fast and fluid. This is going to fun to use everyday.

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The story is too old to be commented.