PS4 Exclusive Basement Crawl gets first teaser trailer

Basement Crawl is a strategic action game featuring creepy characters, challenging environments and exciting maze-based competitive multiplayer.

In the game, players will face-off – with up-to-eight players online or up-to-four via local play –in grid-based arenas as they race to set diabolical traps and explosives in order to hinder or defeat their enemies. Basement Crawl will feature four classes, each utilizing a variety of unique bombs and power-ups, allowing players to mix and match strategy for each class.

Basement Crawl features an unforgettable and entirely mesmerizing style with disturbing characters and spine-chilling settings. The game, however, forgoes exaggerated violence to create a sinisterly clever but engaging experience that remains both edgy and entertaining.

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amnalehu2028d ago

That clown gave me nightmares... This game sounds very good so far!

GirlOnFire2028d ago

I hate clowns they are the scariest! I'm very interested in this game. ^~^' But clowns still scare the **** out of me!

miklo842028d ago

Don't be such a sissy! (Says it while crawled up in a corner wielding a knife.)

ssj272028d ago

amazing lighting!
need to see gameplay.

TheRealTedCruz2028d ago

Okay, I am interested.
Please show gameplay soon.

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