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"Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a welcome addition to the vehicular combat genre. It may not overhaul the genre, but certainly adds depth to the core components. The Multiplayer capabilities are where this game really shines. If you’re looking for hours of fun, action, and mayhem, Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a great buy." -BootHammer

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kraideral2033d ago

Well this game looks really cool and from the gameplay videos way better than Twisted Metal.

BootHammer2033d ago

Twisted metal is a classic and it really does remind me of it. This genre has not had much attention lately. This game was a nice surprise, very fun online!

ContraCode2033d ago

Game looks great, definitely similar to Twisted Metal. Wonder how demanding it is graphic card wise?

BootHammer2033d ago

Having played it on a high end gaming laptop (MSI GT60) I'm not sure how demanding it is for older hardware but it played smooth as silk maxed out in career mode and online. Fast chaotic action! I'm sure it's quite scalable.

TalesofDalton2033d ago

Man, I haven't played a vehicular combat game since PS1, but I want to give this a shot.

BootHammer2032d ago

This one will rekindle your passion for Vehicular Combat! I forgot how fun this genre was.