Has The PS4 Campaign Made Its First Missteps?

Clickonline writes "To date, the PS4 publicity campaign has been a generally flawless affair.

Initial skepticism at the machine proper’s suspicious absence from the debut event has long since dissipated. And their fool proof method of “Cataloguing every single thing Xbone does to piss off its consumer base and publicize the fact PS4 does the polar opposite” has been working out for them."

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Mikelarry2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

hey if these are the missteps Sony is making with the ps4 then i am not worried. reason you might ask is because these features can be added later via a software patch. why Sony omitted these features from launch is beyond me but from the tweet of shuhei they will be added later.

-Foxtrot2028d ago

"but from the tweet of shuhei they will be added later. "

He was kind of reasonable about was like "Oh yeah we messed up, we'll do it then"

See you complain and you get results but even then I'm not buying my PS4 for these features anyway. It's a games console and I'm buying it for the games.

Mikelarry2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

it is true that we are buying the ps4 mainly for the games and these features were present on the ps3 gamers just assumed this will continue. Sony themselves during e3 talked about the ps4 as a media center and what media center would be complete without the ability to stream.

4Sh0w2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

No, he said he will "share with the ps4 dev team for future consideration". To be fair that sounds similar to statements about cross game chat in the early days of ps3. lol this is not a deal breaker but for all the soap box rants about micro you guys sure sound pretty forgiving when it comes to sony missteps.

Mikelarry2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

@ 4show

he has recently provided more info on about that topic saying he had a discussion with dev team about some of these features requested. although not 100% guaranteed it does show that they are open to feedback and MIGHT consider adding these. i do apologise i meant to type might in the original comment

edit: the only reason gamers are not irate about these features is because the ps4 does its main purpose which is a games system near perfectly the other features are added bonus

DeforMAKulizer2028d ago

The PS3 cannot use HDDs as extended storage. I dont get what the fuss is about.

The PS4 can read HDDs just as the PS3 does, example being in the fact that you can download the firmware onto a flashdisk. It just cant download or install games onto the hard disk.

The big issue is in regards to the DNLA and the MP3, and this will hopefully come with a patch.

Godhimself_In_3d2028d ago

i think the external drive thing is more of a piracy issue it would sure make it easy to run Homebrew and before you know it pirated software. to me it just seems like there covering there backs

GryestOfBluSkies2028d ago

i completely agree. i couldnt care less about external storage.
i do care that sony is trying to force me to subscribe to music unlimited to be able to listen to music on my console.
hopefully they allow mp3s not long after launch.

amnalehu2028d ago

Oh no! I can't plug in an external HDD to my PS4! The sky is falling!

sigfredod2028d ago

I'm pro Playstation all the way, but for me the MP3 thing is a big letdown, the DNLA feature i don't use it much but i have a few times and have friends that use it a lot, so yes for me is a step back, on my PS3 i have a hugue amount of music that obiously i was going to transfer to my PS4 i know Music Unlimited is a great service, but it simply doesn't have all the music i like and never will, beside i don't want to pay for that service.
Luckily Shu already comment that will try to implement this so we have hope, and the gamers that have on their tweet list to Jack Tretton and Kaz, should also make a petition for this to be enabled on the PS4

theXtReMe12028d ago

I'm a gamer, all I want my game system to do is play games. I don't care if any multimedia features are ever put into the PS4. If I wanted a multimedia machine, I would've bought an Xbox One. The features should be and always remain an add-on feature, at the discretion of the gamer. Not something that always runs in the background, but something the gamer chooses to have run in the background. You should never force the consumer into something they may or may not want, it should always be a choice.

medman2028d ago

I agree, except I have a multimedia device that runs rings around what the Xbone is capable of. It's called a kick ass A/V receiver and a smartTV. And I'll be pairing my system with the PS4. I only want the best.

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