Analyst: PS3 a Crutch to the Blu-ray Market

Just as some game makers might worry that people are buying PS3s just for Blu-ray movies, movie studios may need to worry that that people are buying the consoles just for games, according to one analyst.
"The studios better hope that people are playing movies on their PlayStations," said ABI Research analyst Steve Wilson. "Otherwise there's very little installed base."

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LazyPhalanges3882d ago

I think the important thing is that PS3 owners have the option to play blu-ray, so if they see a blu-ray movie they would like to have, they will buy it.

jadenkorri3882d ago

what i don;t get is that the ps3 was built to replace everything you would need...and i believe its getting there, once the tv thing comes out...these retarded article about people using there console for gaming/ cmon every gamer watches a movie, ive already bought a few blue ray dvds, and will eventually switch my collection over from dvds to blueray for high really needs to get retailers/rentals to start carrying more blu ray movies and switch the medium from dvd to bluray...

Genesis53882d ago

Whats it matter in a few years when they sell a ton of them(PS3s). Both movie makers and game makers will benifit. It's still early in the cycle yet.

SiLeNt KNighT3882d ago

besides the fact we can just look at blu ray disc sales. why does this article look at player numbers but gives NO reference to disc sales? all this analyst article proves is that fish can swim

gonzopia3882d ago

Exactly. PS3 may be a crutch for the Blu-ray industry, but it's a crutch that will launch Blu-ray into the mainstream.

yesah3882d ago

as of right now i only own 1 blu ray movie. I want more, but it seems everytime im going out to buy one, i find a game i want instead. >.>

when the price of the movies drop, im sure many people will embrace the new format.

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harpua3882d ago

Don't the sales of blu-ray movies ultimately answer this question?

lawman11083882d ago

No thanks......That is way they don't sell

DomUltra3882d ago

So Paramount, New Line Cinemas, Dreamworks, Bestbuy, Wal-Mart etc, either produce or sell Blu-ray because they don't sell? Are you by any chance fυcking retarded? What a dumb shіt.

LevDog3882d ago

I think the DVD was a crutch in the PS2

Fact is the more products you have to play blu ray the better.. ITs the cheapest version out there.. As long as people buy the Blu ray movies.. whats the big deal

Bebedora3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

This is a bad angle to the PS3 as a multimedia system. People cannot go wrong. A movie here and/or a game there. A pure Blu-Ray player to the movie enthusiast or a gaming rig WITH Blu-Ray to watch movies with.

What is this inflamatory jerk talking about? ...oh. An Anal-yst. Got it. Not to mention it is coming from That site should be banned soon because of all shyte coming out of it recently.

eagle213882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

They will win offering the true multimedia living room device. Just like ps2 was a "crutch" for DVD. Blu-ray movies are up 351% and are saving declining DVD sales.

Once standalone players drop in sales, even as PS3 becomes cheaper, Blu-ray movie discs lower to $15-$20 a movie: Blu-ray will really take off.

And Blu-ray game sales are up too! Sony (as in the games, electronics and movie divisons) will adapt to consumer needs. All major film studios are cranking promotions up and will be full steam this holiday.

Christmas will be a Blu-ray bonanza. Whether it be games or movies. :)

eagle213882d ago

forgive me...

Blu-ray is doing so well. And movie studios are scrambling (escpecially Paramount and Universal) to get their catalogs on Blu. :)

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