Talkin’ Bout Next Generation

"It goes without saying that consoles get better over time. If we compare PS3 launch game Resistance: Fall of Man to, say, The Last of Us, the benefits of waiting to pick up a new console are obvious. But the PS3 launched when the PS2 was on its last legs anyway, and it wasn’t difficult for the Xbox 360 to capitalise on where the Xbox fell short. Now though, there just isn’t much to differentiate the current and new generation of consoles. These next-gen experiences just aren’t enough of an improvement over the consoles we already own, and if you’re buying a new machine with the promise that “things will get better”, should you be buying them at all?"

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Ask2028d ago

No offense to console owners but I'm going fully PC now. Console just seems to lack so much these days for what I want to play :/

Kingthrash3602028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

then....why even comment? just sayin.

on topic
imma say this...this generaton, while great, lasted wayyy too long. Games are maxing the systems out.. look at look at nba2k13 looks the same to me. i dont see tlou getting surpassed graphically. cod looks just as ugly as it did last year (that game maxed out itself after mw2 imo). i know cod is still ugly on ps4 even uglier on x1 (unfortunately for early adopters, ms [email protected] up) but its better than ps3/360.
the real comparison is bf...32 vs 32 finally! looks awsome at 1080p(pc/ps4). its just refreshing. its needed obviously (look at pre oreder #'s). we as gamers are ready for something bigger better and new under our tv's.

neocores2028d ago

Let me know when you get a good triple aaa Exclusive like the Last of us or heavy rain

Anarki2028d ago

I am so offended by this, please delete this comment before it offends more Console gamers.

LordDhampire2028d ago

I love me some pc gaming I have a high end gaming pc and I still love consoles, the exclusive and being able to just relax and play from the couch, pc gaming for serious console is for relaxed gaming and netflix

johndoe112112028d ago


Don't think that's a guy.......

Hicken2028d ago

This is the internet, son. Everybody is a guy.

johndoe112112028d ago


The internet scares me :-(

Hicken2028d ago

That's the correct response, for sure.

TooTall192028d ago

Excellent choice. I think it's the best platform for games.

strigoi8142028d ago

no offense but we dont care..alright?! no offense

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tdogchristy902028d ago

Nice read,

Not only is there the issue of being test subjects and all the dust settling that needs to come from a launch but for me personally I also agree with the author. Nothing I see thus far makes me want to jump and I'm not big on shelling out the cash for "future hopes". I'll play current gen and jump into next gen when DESTINY or MIRRORS EDGE releases! CAN'T WAIT!

Moz2028d ago

For me part of it comes down to when I expect the price to drop. If there are going to be must have games before there's a price drop (which there will be) then you may as well buy the system now and playing multiplat games with better graphics to get the most out of your money.

purp13m0nk3y2028d ago

I've never been able to afford a console "day one" before. I've always had to wait till the first price drop.

But since the PS4 and Xbox1 (to some extent) are so affordable at release, I've opted to buy at release.

For me the novelty of having my PS4 day one is the main reason I've pre ordered.

I'm 33yrs old now, and with family and career commitments I only manage to game 3-5hrs a week so only having a couple of games at release is a bit of a non issue.

It'll take me weeks to play through KZ let alone BF4 and Knack. Then there is MP KZ and BF4! Even if there was like 5-6 launch titles available, I'd only end up buying 2-3 because of time constraints anyway.

I have a huge back log of current gen games I've barely touched and prob never will now :-(

violents2028d ago

If they implement the cloud the way they are talking about than maybe you will be able to play those games on your ps4. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

urwifeminder2028d ago

Yeah pc is the way to go if you are really into gaming in a big way the xb1 will be my couch relaxation.

MAULxx2028d ago

In two weeks, this article along with these comments won't even be a memory.