12 New Screens of Midway's This is Vegas

Midway has been pumping up the buzz about their upcoming sandbox title, "This is Vegas". And to get the word out, they've released some new media of the title based in Sin City. XBF has posted 12 new screens of the game's Aqua Club setting.

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Polluted3857d ago

Looks like crap to me, but they're good screens for anyone who's interested in the game.

DRUDOG3857d ago

Why does dude's face always look the same in every shot I've ever seen? If he's grinding on a girl, it's the same. If he's sitting at the blackjack table, it's the same. If he's fighting some dude in a casino, it's the same.

I've got no expectations for this game whatsoever...

vgn243857d ago

I'm a little iffy on this game. Of course that's how most Midway games come off. They're kinda interesting, but nothing special. I'll wait to see a little more of this title though.

Jinxstar3856d ago

All these flop or not articles... I wish they did a multiplat one and made this #1