Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari Ditto with code generosity

Product-Reviews writes: Aside from Ditto, you also have the chance to catch two other Pokemon in the Friend Safari, a total of three and Pokemon that will all be level 30. These Pokemon could be very rare indeed or even Pokemon that are exclusive to the opposite version of the game that you are playing with.

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tr00p3r2027d ago

Friend Safari is easily one of the best things about the game!

danswayuk2027d ago

Thanks for this, loving it.

klecser2027d ago

Just so people know, you don't NEED the safari to get Eevee. They are easily catchable on Route 10 in the evenings.

DarkHeroZX2026d ago

Yes but the IVs from pokemon in the friend safari are much better, 2 stats will have 31 IVs and have a higher chance at giving you a pokemon's hidden ability which is good since the dreamworld has been disabled.