Updated Nintendo million sellers, release schedule

Nintendo has published some extra information pertaining to the company’s latest financial results.

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2029d ago
Chrono2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

What will Nintendo do next year? They've lost the casual market to iPhone and the hardcore market to Sony. Kids prefer to play CoD over Mario.

dredgewalker2029d ago

The 3ds is thriving and selling well. It's not surprising that the smartphone market is bigger today than consoles since phones are needed in everyday life. Actually it's apple that is in trouble since their userbase is slowly declining since there is no more Steve Jobs to attract new customers. I don't care about the casual market cause they can't provide games like the portable consoles.

Misaka_x_Touma2029d ago

34.98m 3DS sold worldwide in almost 3 years sir what are you smoking. That must be some gud stuff u got.

TheCagyDies2029d ago

Animal Crossing. 6 million sold. damn right!!!

mcstorm2029d ago

I lost my 3DS to my other half because of this game and I have had to grab her a 2ds for her birthday tomorrow so I can play my Pokémon X lol.

Africa-Garvey2029d ago

Wi nid football game on Wii U