Details from Nintendo's results briefing - sales, strategy, competition, VC boost, more

Check out a ton of details coming from Nintendo's latest financial briefing, including sales, strategy, competition, a boost to the Virtual Console, and more.

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BullyMangler2029d ago


- This holiday, games are targeted more for family

- Next year, advanced players will be targeted

- Iwata remembers Yamauchi’s advice: “don’t copy other entertainment companies”

So 2014 is targeted more toward advanced Nintendo gamers?

2014 = Zelda U, Bayonetta 2, DK Tropical Freeze, Monolyth X etc .

yes yes more more!

DarthZoolu2029d ago

All Nintendo wants me to do is remember what they did. But if you have been gaming hard since 1992(age 6) nintendo is boring. Of all the old gaming series that are still around; Fallout, GTA, MGS, Elder Scrolls, COD, Battlefield, Simcity, StarCraft,etc they all have upgraded and got more detailed, except for all the Nintendo stuff still the same. Slight differences from the same games I played as a small child. Nintendo's biggest problem is trying to tell people what people want instead of listening to what people want. I want a really big, really detailed, really Next-gen Zelda game. All of these LOZ:OOT clones are old now.

lilbroRx2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

You got that completely in reverse. All of those games you listed are slight differences from their previous ones.

Nintendo actually changes their games evertime. The reasons you gave are exactly why I game on Nitendo consoles and don't buy those other games.

_____________________________ __________________
Battlefied, 64 player FPS. Been the same forever. Only thing that has changed is graphics.

COD - same FPS, same mechanics, same underlying system. All that has changed are the graphics and the names of the perks/weapons. All other changes are superficial(changing a character name form Ghost to Mason but still doing the same thing in the same way)

SimCity. A city building sim. All that has changed are the graphics and scale of the cities which are natural additions do to stronger hardware..

Starcraft- RTS. All that has changed are the graphics and generational additions in physics and effects. They add a few new units and abilities to what is already their and that is that.

Pretty much all of the changes to those series you named are aestetical and natural upgrades form mow powerful hardware. The changes were superficial. They are still the exact same games.

_____________________________ __________________

Mario 2 is nothing like Mario 1. Mario 3 and World are nothing like Mario 2, Mario 64 was nothing like Mario World and 3. Mario Sunshine was nothing like Mario 64. Mario Galaxy was nothing like Mario Sunshine.

Same with Zelda.

Zelda 2 is nothing like Zelda 1. Link to the past is nothing like Zelda 2. Ocarina of Time is nothing like Link to the Past. Wind Waker was nothing like Ocarina of Time. Twilight Princess was nothing likes Wind Waker. Skyward Sword was nothing like Twilight Princess.

Nintendo games are the opposite of the one you named. The ones you named all keep the same gamplay and sub system with just a different coat of pain, while Nintendo generally keep the same coat of pain but completely changes the underlying system and gameplay.

I game on Nintendo because everytime I buy a game from them, I can expect something different than the last game in the series. For everything else, I have my PC.

DarthZoolu2029d ago

Are you crazy! Have you Played Fallout 2, or BF2, or GTA2, or Elder Scrolls before 3. All you said was the genre of each game means its the same. Let me try
Mario - Platformer dump on enemys head. There are only 3 mario games.
Mario 2D side scroll fire ball jump on enemy head.
Mario 3D Grab and throw enemy jump or jump on there head
Mario 2D & 3D Jump on enemy head solve puzzle.
All same story characters never grow or change.
There are 3 Zelda games also.
OverHead view Zelda
3rd Person Zelda
Crazy Zelda 2 and Crazy Cartoon CD game.
All same charaters all same cookie cutter story.

Throwing mario characters in other games does nothing more me. How long before Nintendo teams up for Lego Mario and acts like that's innovation.

Nevers0ft2028d ago

I would buy the fk out of Lego Mario... That's a great idea! :D

(I know you were joking but really, I'd buy that)

Xof2029d ago

- Nintendo intends to boost VC and library; it’s not fully utilized
- Nintendo thinks it can do more with its digital offerings

I'm not sure whether I should be pleased that they noticed, or further irritated that it's taken them so many years to FINALLY notice.

But it's still Nintendo, so of course they're spewing the usual rubbish, too:

- Nintendo, whether digital or packaged, believes price should be the same
- Nintendo understands free-to-play market, etc.
- Iwata remembers Yamauchi’s advice: “don’t copy other entertainment companies”

RiPPn2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Until Nintendo gets a unified account structure I'll avoid their digital offerings like the plague.

And locking prices is another turn off to Nintendo, rarely buy their games unless I can get them on a buy 2 get 1 sale or used. For a company aimed at families they sure know how to stick it to them. And they wonder why piracy on the Wii and DS were so high.

cunnilumpkin2029d ago

if it wasn't for the ds and 3ds, Nintendo would be a software company by now

the wii fad is over

Gemmol2028d ago

wrong....they never lost a profit on Gamecube, even though they did not sell as well as ps2 it was profitable for your wrong, the only 2 system that gave them a loss was 3ds and wii u, which the 3ds doing well now and Wii U is a question mark with great potential

Africa-Garvey2029d ago

Nintendo or ninty, whatever you call yourself, start catering for the hardcore be4 it's too late.
We need an astonished football game, fps eg goldeneye 007 N64 on VC or a remake at least and reduce this cartoonish style you are hooked to.
Zelda is not suppose to be a cartoon

extermin8or2029d ago

I think the talent from thise days has moved on or retired... Next year will be too late for them to target the hardcore gamers more than the casuals as the other two next gen consoles will have been out for a year this tkme next year pretty much. They are targeting the hardcore gamera more right from the off plus are both supplying indie games and giving indie devs an incentive to put thwir games on their platforms. Only the most dedicated nintendo fans will be likely to buy a console just for more mario, zelda and donkey kong everyone else wants 3rd party games and exclusives and 3rd party games that are not missing features etc. :/

brewin2029d ago

Wrong. Nintendo doesn't need a bunch of 3rd party games that are the exact same thing as what's available on other systems. Nintendo provides something that no other company does. Its third parties who need to provide something different if they want to make money on the platform. Nintendo gamers don't want gimped version of the games these companies are offering. Hardcore gamers want a new awesome Zelda and stuff like x, bayonetta 2, smash bros, etc. Not more shooters and racing games. Ur ignorant if u think that is what makes hardcore gamers tick. I've been gaming for 30 years now and those games are wearing thin very fast.

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