Tom Clancy's The Division - Exclusive In-Depth Interview with Game Director Ryan Barnard

A 37 minute interview with The Division's game director Ryan Barnard, in which he answers questions from forum members about content/features that will be in game. You'll have to skip around a bit there is some worthless talking but overall it answers some questions and brings new information to light about Tom Clancy's The Division

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kipsta2030d ago

Really looking forward to this game! A day 1 buy for sure. Very glad they announced it for PC as well.

webeblazing2030d ago

Me too I have a feeling PC going have exclusive gfx features

garos822030d ago

Can't wait to see more footage of this.very interesting concept

Zeniix2030d ago

could be goty if well executed

blackout2030d ago

This is the main next gen game i'm waiting for. Can't Wait. I really think this is the game changer for all new consoles coming. This game if GREAT will be a copy and past. Thank God for 8GB of RAM. Game On My People.

wsoutlaw872030d ago

Ya everyones focusing on exclusives and launch titles right now obviously, but this and witcher 3 have me so excited for my ps4

RedSoakedSponge2030d ago

good interview but it sounds like it was from a while back.

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