Nintendo: Pokemon X/Y marketing had impact on Wii U marketing

Nintendo says that one factor for the lack of Wii U marketing recently was that they were busy marketing the worldwide launch of Pokemon X & Y on 3DS.

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somar0002032d ago

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truechainz2032d ago

So does that mean the Wii U will actually start marketing? Hell they should've had Pikachu telling everyone to buy a wii u this whole time

exfatal2031d ago

Have u see the wayne bradey videos nintendo has been putting out? there actually pretty good

truechainz2031d ago

Yeah but it was my understanding those are not on TV. If they are then good cuz they need to really make their product clear to consumers.

LOL_WUT2031d ago

Well, with billions in the bank (according to you guys) how could they not possibly be able to advertise the WiiU? Lets hope they advertise Mario 3D world ;)

truechainz2031d ago

Well I know you are a business enthusiast so of course you would know that every company has a different amount of funds they set aside for marketing so having money doesn't necessarily mean that the money is going to marketing. So I assume that question was just a joke.

Reeze2032d ago

I love Nintendo, but shouldn't they have two marketing teams so they can both work on advertisements at the same time...? Just food for thought.

Neonridr2032d ago

Doesn't surprise me that they put all their eggs into the Pokemon basket. Clearly it has paid off.

Over 4 million units sold worldwide in just over 2 weeks. Ridiculous numbers for a handheld that only has an install base of approximately 35 million.