Atlus Sale Drops Persona 4 Golden Price

Japanese mega-company Atlus have just sent out a press report which details a “Collossal Gigantic” sale that is taking place on both Steam and PlayStation Network. The sale features a ton of titles on the PlayStation 3, and only one on the PlayStation Vita, but oh is it ever a big one

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porkChop2029d ago

"but oh is it ever a big one"

When I read that I thought it was going to be a huge discount but it's still $20.

ajkula2029d ago

LMAO... it's even still 40 EUROS in europe!! HAHAHA! isnt THAT a steal??

Protagonist2029d ago

Worth it!

You know what! even if it became more expensive! it would still be worth it...

ninjahunter2029d ago

Either PC gaming has spoiled me, or gigantic and colossal are just the new terms for $10 off.

porkChop2029d ago

Yeah I was expecting 50% to 75% off, thought I could get the game for like $10 lol.

TheRealTedCruz2029d ago

Same here.
Ever since moving to PC, unless I am buying the game day one, it is hard for me to spend more than a few bucks on any game.

King-u-mad2029d ago

You all have been spoiled too much.

kB02029d ago

TO be fair, Vita has seen some incredible online for 5$, AC 3 for 7$, Silent hill for 7$ other amazing games for 12$....I was shocked at some of those prices:P

kB02029d ago

It can be found simply by searching google and I'm speaking on behalf of NA sales, There was also the Japanese sales day, there were random ubisoft sales, ridgerace was like 3 or 5$ ...all through psn store.

I'm sure if you search it u can find em.

thehobbyist2029d ago

Meanwhile on Steam I got Just Cause 2 for 60 cents during the summer sale.

Neckbear2029d ago

And games like The Witcher 2, Alan Wake, Sleeping Dogs, Civilization V and XCOM, each for less than $7.

Sony and Microsoft really need to make stronger digital game sales.

kB02029d ago

Yes but dont' remember up until Steam and Valve PC gaming was in BIG trouble...especially since back then trouble shooting games wasn't quite as easy to do as it is now.

Don't forget that with PC games, its SOOOOOO EASY to pirate them... I mean near 0 effort...with Vita and console games, it takes money, a lot of knowledge and risk usually...So honestly I can see why they tend to not drop prices.

I do not see PC gaming to be a viable comparison to consoles in terms of game sales, I mean I think sales are a form of antipiracy, more than a choice.

Visiblemarc2029d ago

Yeah well, PSN sales are actually pretty amazing, often. That said, as much as I like next-to-free stuff, I'm not under the illusion that the industry should crumble around me because I'm too cheap to buy something for "only" 50% off. People's sense of entitlement is getting legitimately scary.

kB02029d ago

I don't get disagrees on my post, I'm merely stating the two cannot be compared.

It's like comparing bottle water with tap water..thats PC gaming, you can get the damn thing free.

While consoles are coke or pop...

NovusTerminus2029d ago

Meanwhile I got Sleeping Dogs, Just Cause 2 and XCom for free with PS+

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fsfsxii2028d ago

Dare you compare P4 to that...

bulbulito2029d ago

Bought it when it was $40. Well worth it :)

Clocked in 110 hours with my first playthrough and still planning to play it again next year for another 50-100 to experience the story branches (social links) I missed.

Blank2029d ago

I encourage this behavior.

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