Matt Ryan announced as PS3 NCAA Football 09 cover athlete

EA Sports has announced that Boston College QB Matt Ryan has been chosen for the cover of NCAA Football 09 on the PS3. Each console's version has their own cover athlete this year.

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DarkSniper3833d ago

Matt Ryan was one of the premier college quarterbacks this year. Dark Sniper hopes a team such as Atlanta picks him up as they are in need of a true QB and a decent pocket passer for a change.

Furthermore, Matt Ryan resembles greatness and a promising future. Something the PLAYSTATION® 3 represents as well. With the preferred design of the 13 year old Playstation controller, gamers will feel right at home enjoying 60fps College Football action on their PLAYSTATION® 3.


ATLRoAcH3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I hope the Falcons draft him. All we have is Chris Redman ,Joey Harrington, and DJ Shockley. We've got a space open so they're getting a quarterback. I'd put money on them getting Matt Ryan. Its pretty much a fact Miami is going with Jake Long as the first pick. It depends on the second pick really. We'll see at the end of the week. My money is on Matt Ryan. Who else are they going to go for?

I miss Mike Vick. I know what he did was wrong but as a Falcon fan that sh!t hurt. I'm still a Vick fan. Forgive and Forget.

Oh and I hope Matt Ryan doesn't pull a Joey Harrington and rule in college and suck in the NFL. College football and the NFL are nearly like two different sports. Did you know Joey won the Heisman trophy and was a third pick draft? Thats what I mean when I say I hope he doesn't pull a Joey.

gtgcoolkid3833d ago

I also think they should draft Matt Ryan, mainly because that will give a franchise quarterback and they can finally move on from the Vick era.

And Jake Long just sign a contract agreement with Miami so he will gone for sure. Just to see what St. Louis does at 2. I highly doubt they will take Ryan and that should open up Atlanta to picking him up.

ohnoTheRancor3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Joey finished fourth in the 2001 Heisman vote - but I definitely hear where your coming from. better examples of recent college winners/NFL busts would be Wuerfel, Weinke, Crouch, and (delete: Jason White) Ryan Leaf.

but one good thing to note about Ryan is that he played very well, with very little support, against very tough opponents. if he had a stud RB or a WR over 5'11, he would have performed much better in the ACC. i'd be very surprised if ATL passes on Ryan.

EDIT: agreed, White was injured, how bout Ryan Leaf!

solar3833d ago

Ryan will be a bust just like Joey. calling it now. i dont have any real reasoning...other then he doesnt play good in the big games. ie mich state vs BC in the bowl game. mich state handed over the ball at the 20 yd line or so and he took advantage of it. i dont see Ryan doing anything major.

Grown Folks Talk3833d ago

don't be throwing Jason White in that group. The Titans liked what they saw from him, & he would have made the team. His knees were bothering him too much, so he gave up his chance. The other guys actually got on the field & stunk. Eric Crouch is more of a bust than Jason. He's been on every team in the league & has yet to play a game.

ATLRoAcH3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Yeah, I wasn't 100% on the Heisman.
Matt Ryan could be a great Quarterback. The will have him on the bench most of the first season. His second season he will start and may not be great because he will still be adjusting. It will be a few years of pro experience before we see what hes got. Its like that with every rookie.

If you need good RBs, we have Turner and Norwood. They are great and are still getting better. Norwood is fast and reaches full speed in steps.

On the receiving end, we have White. He was the standout player last year and didn't have the greatest passers to work with. We lost Crumpler so I'm worried about the receiving end at the moment. We'll have to see how the team builds up.

Joey has talent and could still breakout of his funk. You never know. Chris Redman has potential and really stepped up last year.

Some crazy things are going to happen, thats for sure. I think our defense will really stand out this year also. I'm excited. Last year sucked.

ohnoTheRancor3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

there's also some whispers of ATL looking to snag Jeremy Shockey - that would be huge. i'm not sure on his attitude, but sitting out the entire Giants Super Bowl run might have humbled him a bit!

but it will definitely be a better season this year. the Turner/Norwood combo will be one of the better back feilds, they just need some blocking.

harpua3833d ago

matt ryan is good, but not top 10 picks good.

Grown Folks Talk3833d ago

I'm a Giants fan. Shockey just wants to win. Sometimes his desire gets in the way of his judgement. Most of the complaints are about him wanting the ball all of the time & stuff like that. What great player didn't want every pass? Jerry Rice had the same mindset, he just was better at composing himself in the public eye. I don't want the Giants to lose J Shock, but at least I know Boss can handle himself if they do.

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DarkSniper3833d ago

Another thing to mention is Matt Ryan did play for Boston College, their head coach Jeff Jagodinski happens to be the former offensive coordinator for Dark Sniper's favorite team, Green Bay Packers. When he came to Green Bay and Boston College, he implemented the Zone Blocking Scheme.

Atlanta is one of the first teams to run this type of blocking so Matt Ryan should feel right at home. In regards to their running game, Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood have the potential to become a dynamic 1-2 duo in this league. They have the elusiveness and agility to play in the one-cut and go demands of the Zone Blocking Scheme.


ATLRoAcH3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

As long as the blocking is good we have a run duo that can win games. As long as we have a good line to protect Ryan and good receivers to pass to we'll be good on offense. Gone forever perhaps is the Mike Vick scheme we had. It sure was fun to watch but its gone. We need to be able to run the ball especially with a rookie QB. This year will be the more standard run and pass type of scheme. Last year we were always passing. Running wasn't doing that well with our line and Dunn's age. Bobby Petrino was a f**king joke. I'm looking forward to see what coach Smith does.