Grand Theft Auto Retrospective and History

The plot of GTA and history best for those buying GTA4.

VideoGameCentral's newest reviewer, The New Challenger makes his first official appearance (for his first cameo, plesae see our DS Lite Cobalt Blue and Black unboxing) in this video retrospective of the Grand Theft Auto series, starting off with GTA 1, London 1969, and GTA 2. This will be a 3 part retrospective leading up to the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Next week he we'll see Part 2 of the retrospective which includes GTA III and Vice City. Stay tuned gamers!

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popup3830d ago

I am still waiting for Ped Rampage to return....

perils3830d ago

theres nothing more badass than clicking a cheap plastic craft knife at the beggining of a review!