The Top 5 Scariest Games Of All Time

Spend Halloween in front of your PC, playing these 5 scary games.

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ThatEnglishDude2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

I know horror is subjective, but this is quite a .... strange selection of titles here. It seems a bit unfair to limit it to just 5 games.

DerekFlint0072580d ago

0ne of the scariest games i have played recently is without a doubt Resident Evil 6.

I was terrified that i had wasted £40 on a crap game.

Spookily i waas correct.

snipab8t2580d ago

You think that's bad? Imagine my fear when I realized I paid $60 for Resident Evil Raccoon City :0

AnotherProGamer2580d ago

Slender wasn't really that scary

snipab8t2580d ago

It is when you're drunk at like 3am.

Plagasx2580d ago

Where the F*** is the Resident Evil Remake?

dillhole2580d ago

Slender is scary for the first few minutes. Then you see the guy and it kinda kills it. It's hard to be realistically scared in a game where you get to respawn each time you die. The reason films successfully achieve horror is that you connect with the characters and once they're dead, they're dead.

WeAreLegion2580d ago

Yeah, but films aren't as scary as games. Games can still scare me. No movie even sort of scares me.

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