Lost Planet Impressions: Capcom's long-awaited shooter proves that the only good space pirate is a dead one.

Capcom's upcoming Xbox 360 game, Lost Planet, doesn't waste any time getting down to the good stuff. Within the first five seconds of the game, the protagonist, Wayne, straps himself into a bipedal mech - a crude-looking machine reminiscent of the film 'Aliens' - and starts taking out Akrids with the on-board minigun. Does it feel good? Oh yea. Brutally so.

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Agent VX4465d ago

After playing the Demo released earlier in the season, and really loving the game play with the huge boss creatures. I was blown away with the new trailer they release a few weeks ago.

This game is going to be super fun, check the demo out on XBL, it will knock your socks off.

marionz4465d ago

totally cant wait for this game! and its looking even better since the demo