Kutaragi: PS3 platform is made for "e-Distribution"

In the third part of PC Impress Watch interview, SCEI's Ken Kutaragi discusses the potential of digitally delivering content to Sony's next-generation console.

Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi continued to discuss SCEI's plans for the PlayStation 3 in the third part of an interview with Japanese site PC Impress Watch.

At the 1999 Microprocessor Forum, Kutaragi set out a vision of e-Distribution using broadband networks. At that time, most consumers still connected to the Internet with dialup, so that vision was largely ignored. But now Kutaragi stated that Sony will emphasize network features with the Playstation 3. "We really wanted to do this with the PS2," he lamented. "But now, Apple has realized a successful e-Distribution program. It's about time we made our move, too." He continued, "We'll be conducting network services from launch day." He explained why he has steered clear of the e-Distribution topic at conferences. "Talking about our distributors and network services isn't very engaging," he said, "so I didn't mention it at E3."

Regarding the business aspect of the PS3's online components, Sony seems to be taking its cues from the PC. "You can't charge money for network matching and other basic services. These things are just taken for granted on the PC...On the PS3, basic services will be taken for granted while content will be the bread and butter of our business."

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Joe Schmoe6199d ago

So you will be able to play for free but you will have to purchase things like levels, maps, outfitts, weapons & armour if you would like to have them. That works for me. Also no monthly fee you buy a gaming card and spend as you would with a credit card.

PS360PCROCKS6199d ago

I don't know sony's still lame, I bet their lying for sure, theirs no way it can possibly be free for the servers, Microsoft already said it's expensive to start and just as expensive to maintain

96impala6199d ago

lol sony just can't admit MS did it right, but then again they imitate MS tit for tat. I guess imitation is a form of flattery

PS360PCROCKS6199d ago

of course it is, it's why Sony copies everyone and has nothing original anymore.

slugg6199d ago

If Sony goes the "E-distribution" route, why do they need the huge capacity of the blu-ray discs for games? They don't- just a big hard drive. So all the reasons they give on why blu-ray discs are necessary for those huge next-gen games will end up being more lies?

PS360PCROCKS6199d ago

Looking like it, what didn't you expect that? its what they do best apparently

Phytonadione6199d ago

I think is still years away from being widely accepted. There are still a lot of people that are wary of investing money, time, and energy on downloadable content, storing it all on a hard drive, with the slight chance of some how losing it all. Obviously backing things up is a great insurance, but it is still the idea/design that puts many people off. For the few that are computer savy, it ain't nothing but a chicken wing (especially with all the pirated software/content out there:)

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