Xbox One Killer Instinct FightStick Unboxing

IGN - "We got the new Xbox One Killer Instinct Arcade FightStick TE2 from Mad Catz in the office and made sure to immediately unbox it and show you the ins and outs."

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badboy7762723d ago

I Stopped watching at 00:33.

s8anicslayer2723d ago

$199 is pretty steep..imo

darthv722723d ago

Pricey but i like how it opens and includes the tools to modify it if need be.

i know some fighting stick enthusiasts that swear by the tournament style sticks. I dont know if this is classified as a tournament style but it sure looks nice.

Robotronfiend2723d ago

Agreed. Too bad it won't be at many, if any, EVO circiut tournaments or EVO itself. Not much use for a tournament grade stick when the game will not likely be played at tournaments except for a small gather spot next to smash brothers or something.

EVO is almost all Sony hardware. Add in the fact that this game is not supposed to have major balance patches, but "tweaks" done on the developer's end. They stated that in order to get the most up to date version of the game you had to be connected to the internet while you play which is not really possible at large tournaments like EVO.

Lastly, the reception the game got at its unveiling was... underwhelming to say the least. (Loud sustained BOOs).

nasnas762723d ago

@Robotronfiend You completely got the patching info wrong. They said it can be patched with micro-patches so players don't have to wait once or twice a year for the larger orverall patch. Once the smaller patch gets downloaded, you'll still be playing that micro-pactch version when offline.

Sure EVO uses mostly Sony systems for multi-platform games. Doesn't mean they're Sony-only competition.

Lots of skepticism at first yes (mainly because of the game developer not known for making fighting games), they quickly shut up once real game play footage arrived.

dysekt2718d ago

@Robotronfiend Not for long. "EVO 2014 to be played on Xbox 360 systems."

And as far as the initial reception has gotten a lot better after they showed more footage and game mechanics. It's definitely going to be worth keeping an eye on. The social features of the Xbox One alone will have a big impact on things as well (ease of streaming/sharing etc.)

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nategrigs2723d ago

Is there a $100 bill in there?

fsfsxii2723d ago

Thanks, i'll stick to my MvC3 Hori

PixelNinja2723d ago

Your going to miss out, believe it or not but double helix have out a serious amount of effort into the re-imagining of Killer Instinct.
This game may actually make an impact on the fighting community.

fsfsxii2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Ummm... I dunno how you spun this. But i like the game, its just that the Arcade stick is overpriced for me.
Plus i meant that my arcade stick is a Hori with MvC3 on the cover

kingPoS2723d ago

My Tekken 5 Hori stick hasn't let me down yet! It works on all my fighting games, but it lacks the PS button.

darthv722723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I have the same stick. I assume you use an adapter to convert from the PS2 connector to USB. do you recommend any one particular converter?

i have seen several and even tried one that converted to usb as well as gamecube and xbox and it didnt work to well. Of course i was trying to use that stick on the xbox to play SVC Chaos and MvC2. that particular converter worked with the DS2 though but sadly...not the stick.

I also have the tatsunoko vs capcom stick and special usb adapter that i have not tried yet but it is said to work on the ps3/360.

PixelNinja2723d ago

Sorry friend, I didn't know you meant the arcade stick and not the game.

nasnas762723d ago

Sure, except that this is the ONLY fight stick that can be used on XB1 for now. If you move onto the next gen, you have no choice but to get a new stick.

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GrandpaSnake2723d ago

As a former arcade manager i would suggest you guys learn and invest in your own custom designs, their is several places to custom your own bad ass tourny fight stick.

nasnas762723d ago

Except that this is the only game stick on XB1, nobody knows the PCB specs of the XB1 stick yet to be able to mod it to make your own.

Deathdeliverer2723d ago

You can have a custom stick built for about that price with art you select with hori or sanwa parts. Luckily I beat ass with controllers and sticks. Just hope the XB1 dpad has gained a level up since the 360. That's the only controller that I could not deal with.