Burnout Paradise To Have Motorbikes

Burnout Paradise looks to be featuring motorbikes in an upcoming update for the game on PS3 & Xbox360

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sonarus5397d ago

bikes are pretty big news. but why is this only coming to ps3?

Ali_The_Brit5397d ago

i may have mixed that part about only coming to PS3 up with the update for PS3 vers tommorrow guys, sorry im sure it will be on both 360 and PS3 version

MaximusPrime5397d ago

im crying tears of joy!

Thank you Criterion! I ever thought you would bring in bikes.

Thank you Criterion! For bringing back night mode!

Ghoul5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

whats even cooler, you finaly have a DRIVER, motorbikes would look just too stupid without a driver eh criterion ? :D

You forgot to mention that we also get a nighttime :D
racing by night YES

p.s. AWESOME update

Surfman5396d ago

lol youre right, there's no drivers inside the car, will we ride bike without drivers?

Skerj5396d ago

It would look dumb to have a driverless bike, the reason the cars don't have drivers is because of the physics involved with the wrecks, they didn't want to simulate that with a person in the car and show them get mangled. So I guess the bike rider can fly off, considering that's happened in games before.

Ghoul5396d ago

@ skerj

NOPE sad but i just read on the criterion page that the bike driver disapears when carshing :(

GIJeff5396d ago

if so, its considered too harsh to have people getting in wrecks. Thats violence. So instead, we get this weird ghost town where the cars have eaten all the people.

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Skerj5396d ago

Holy sh*t Criterion LISTENS!! Custom soundtracks and night time racing were the only things I found missing from Paradise, this will become my favorite racing game of all time in June hot damn. I can't wait for some bike vs car vs plane action, can you imagine the stunts you can do on a bike in Paradise City?

MaximusPrime5396d ago

and this makes PS3 the best choice to play burnout paradise

Ghoul5396d ago


those updates are for 360 AND ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.