Report: Target’s Buy 2, Get 1 Free Deal Extends to all Video Games, Not Just PS4 Launch Titles

"Yesterday we let you know of a leaked Target flyer that suggested select PlayStation 4 launch titles would be available in a buy 2, get 1 free deal between November 10th and 16th." - PSLS

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HugoDrax2469d ago

Well looks like I'll be canceling my xb1 and ps4 pre orders at GameStop

guitarded772469d ago

I'm gonna keep mine there, and just pick up 3 more games at Target. With my luck, I'll go and they'll be sold out of everything I want.

Zuperman2469d ago

Just match price @ walmart.

Starbucks_Fan2469d ago

I'm probably going to go to the store at 6 or 7am Friday just to be able to get the games o_0

Game4life2469d ago

you can go sooner at this point since the games no longer have a street date

3-4-52469d ago

Target is about to make a lot of money, and gain a good rep at the same time.

It seems they always have some decent game deals.

mickaelmc2465d ago

um... no. If all you're going there to do (like myself) is to buy 2 games to get the 3rd free, they're doing the opposite of making money. The mark up is negligible.

SonyStyled2469d ago

so is the deal form the 10th-16th or the 15th and 16th only? ive been finding both advertised

TrendyGamers2469d ago

The flyer is from the 10th - 16th.


Dang...still no xb1 deal

Back-to-Back2469d ago

Thats because there are not 2 games on the xbox worth buying.

rela82me2469d ago

@back-to-back bubble down for trolling, have a good day

4lc4pon32469d ago

i give u a bubble up for making me laugh. I was going to say because there are not 3 games worth buying. even getting a free game is not worth it


It has more next gen exclusives worth buying than the ps4.

rainslacker2469d ago

You might be able to get some of the games that release for the system if they're available on the 16th. MS and publishers probably wouldn't have a problem selling them early like you see Sony doing the controllers and KillZone right now. Probably worth checking out, worst that can happen is you leave the store without any games.

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The story is too old to be commented.