New NCAA 09 Screenshots and PS3 Cover Art

8 new screenshots, including cheerleaders, and the just-unveiled Playstation 3 cover art with Matt Ryan.

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DarkSniper3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

EA Sports seems to have gotten their act together when it comes to developing the best football experience possible on PLAYSTATION® 3. Before, the company was nearly ashamed to show a PS3 build of any football game due to it's unacceptable 30fps gameplay.

In the span of one year, EA finally has understood that PLAYSTATION® 3 is the platform where their games will be most appreciated and not taken for granted like Xbox 360 users have done.

Dark Sniper will be purchasing this game day one on his PLAYSTATION® 3 as this is the defining moment where he can officially render his Xbox 360 100% useless. He'll be seeing you online with his Kent State Golden Flashes scoring touchdowns and playing shutdown defense.

PMR_213828d ago

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