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First Xbox One and Sony PS4 reviews appear in GQ Magazine

The first Xbox One review and Sony PS4 review has appeared courtesy of GQ magazine as the publication appears to have reviewed both in their 'The Lab' section giving both products a star rating.

Xbox One - 8/10
PS4 - 7/10

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Not a Review but a hands on...
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Community3915d ago
xHeavYx3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Wow, they praise the cloud processing, didn't know they had access to see how that works, but hey, what can you expect from this type of magazine

malokevi3915d ago ShowReplies(4)
hankmoody3915d ago

Isn't that like saying the PS4 is going to be amazing based on the treasure trove of exclusive games that we have yet to see?

Xsilver3915d ago

its called a track record :)

bigboirock3915d ago

have yet is your key words there this is for launch ps4 gets good exclusive at the end of its life

DeadManV3915d ago

We know for certrain about the treasure trove of games on PS4, not so much with cloud processing. Also the ps4 is perfectly capable of cloud processing is well.

HighResHero3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Pretty much, among other things.

This "review" won't influence my decision AT ALL.

malokevi3915d ago


If it's called a track record, I guess we can just assume that PSN will be open season for hackers?

Double standard is double hilarity. I'll be getting both consoles, because they both have a lot to offer, in spite of what narrow minded depressing cynical fanboys such as yourself might say. And you sure tend to say a lot!

Xsilver3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

that happened once compared to how many good exclusives Sony has do you know what a track record is? but if that's your definition of a track record then i guess you will expect Red ring death part two-_-.

malokevi3915d ago


Track record :)

Besides, I said what I did ironically, not that I expect you to pick up on that. I don't care about track records, that would be YOU! I'm getting both consoles, so I win and you lose, haww haww!

GTgamer3915d ago

@Malokevi your a special kind of stupid tbh I'm guessing you didn't read that link you posted sad because its only talks about the small attacks on Sony network nothing compared to the one that happened that was aiming for people credit cards so a track record of small attacks smh every company gets attacked. actually Xsilver 3 years of the red ring of death is track record especially when they would create new models with the same problem.

malokevi3915d ago Show
kickerz3915d ago

Wohhh. So many of you guys don't know what your talking it's like I'm listening in to a group of 10 yr olds arguing and bickering.
It's prolly just ones guys opinion I wouldn't get too worked up.You sound like a bunch of sore losers.

Conzul3915d ago

I don't agree with why the PS4 got a 7/10, but I'd give it that myself now just because I'm so pissed that PS4 will block us from playing OUR OWN MP3s in any form.

WTF Sony? This is Microsoft's house, why are YOU trying to move in??!!

showtimefolks3915d ago


atleast with sony we know we will get the gaming support we need, MS will turn on us the gamers the moment they see that casuals are again more important than us. For the last 3-4 years just watch MS's E3 conference and its all about family entertainment/casuals/kinect that they focused on

also how soon before they bring back the DRM? you trust MS than that's fine its your money but they have to earn my business this time around. EA/MS a perfect match made in the depths of greediness hell

if someone says sony will deliever than that's a fact because they have for past 3 generations but if someone says MS will than that's an opinion because they haven't for past 2 generations. They gave up on original xbox, than they gave up on core gamers 4-5 years into xbox360 life cycle when sony delivered so much more in last few years

gears,halo--sequels after sequels

3-4-53915d ago

At least games have worked in the past.

Show me examples of the cloud running millions of games on millions of next gen consoles.

Games in the past....have worked...on all consoles...

So therefore, it's based on past history...decades of past history.

KwietStorm_BLM3915d ago

That's not different than people saying PS4 is useless and has no games, based on a handful of launch titles.

NeloAnjelo3915d ago

You mean as proven with every PS console? Yeah I guess CAN say that!

UltimateMaster3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Before I would say anything about Microsoft's Cloud, I would definitely like to see something first hand. Words like "this is the future" and "it's a revolution" is something I'll decide myself when I see it in action.
I remember how those words were used for the first kinect and how they are rehashed them for the new one.

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ThatCanadianGuy5143915d ago

The "treasure trove of exclusive games" have a proven track record over 3 generations.

Cloud hype that can't run COD or BF4 past 720p is, and should be, a laughable joke.

Wizziokid3915d ago

Well said we know Sony's first parties are working on stuff and we know given history they are probably going to be amazing experiences.

GarrusVakarian3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Well said, nothing better to make your decision from than history. And history tells us that Sony is indisputably "better" when it comes to 1st party exclusives.

In a couple of years when all the big 1st party Sony devs have announced their titles and shown gameplay i will sit back with my hands behind my head and chuckle to myself.

-Foxtrot3915d ago

My favorite line

" GQ criticised the fact that the PS4 will suffer from a lack of 'killer games' on launch. "

So thats why it deserved a lower score....REALLY

When Sony have proved their First party line up is always great. I mean they act like the PS4 has no games when it does...

Death3915d ago

This only applies if you are a fan of Sony exclusives. Naughty Dog has done an incredible job on the PS3 this gen. The Last of Us was one of the best games of 2013 and last I seen had sales around 4 million. That means approx 5% of PS3 owners bought the game. So the people that claim Sony still cranks out games and supports the platform, only 5% are actually taking advantage of it. So what is this track record you are so proud of proving? I am an Xbox fanboy and oddly part of this 5%.