Mark Rein interview: UT III 360, UE4 and the future of PC gaming

Unreal Tournament III on Xbox 360 is just a few months away now, as Mark Rein was on hand to confirm at Midway's recent Gamer's Day event in Las Vegas.

CVG was on site to sample the late-arriving conversion, and grabbed a very busy Rein for a chat about the Epic boys' work and all things gaming.

As usual, Rein was more than willing to voice his views on the current state of the gaming market, as well as the future of PC gaming, and cleared up some misconceptions over Unreal Engine 4.

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REPLOID243828d ago

This guy! he's all about the money and plays all the fanboys like a fiddle. fake a*@!

Kleptic3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

"We want this version to be as good as the PS3 version. The optimisations are mostly based around making sure we can get decent performance with split-screen."

"We heard from our PS3 players that they were not happy about not having split-screen so we made sure that, on this version, because we might not have the same kind of mod support, at least we have split-screen."

big difference from what Jason 360 and his witless army were saying just last week...sounds like they gave a missing PS3 feature to make up for the fact that it has gimped buy-off-xbl mods, of which only Epic decides what gets submitted...

wating over half a year, still having gimped mod support, only to get Halo 1 like splitscreen support, doesn't sound anything like the 'superior version' to least on this planet...

DFresh3828d ago

UT3 is gay as hell!
What a waste of money and I can't believe that I picked this game over COD4 for my PS3.
I dont care anymore I'm gonna buy the COD4 Special Edition Pack tomorrow.
Love Gears of War can't play to play 1 & 2 on my Apple Mac Book soon.