GameTrailers: Haze Multiplayer Gameplay Blowout

GameTrailers has released some new videos depicting the multiplayer from Haze. The video descriptions are the following.

Sniping Gameplay:
- Rockets are fun and knives are great, but is there anything more thrilling than sniping your opponent from hundreds of meters?

Death in All Directions MultiplayerGameplay:
- Use these abandoned buildings to wreak havoc on your opponents.

Kill Style Multiplayer Gameplay:
- Find new ways to kill your friends.

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St03834d ago

disappointing, i'll give this one a miss. Unless the demo looks and plays awesome

Chubear3834d ago

I, however, will be playing my arse off when this game drops.:D

Harry1903834d ago

where are you,ooooooooohhhhhhhhh,sniperm an.(improvised version of spiderman comics intro)
Kicks ass.

Chubear3834d ago

This thing looks so so sweet. No way I'm missing out on this - no way. How many PS3 exclusive games have MP 4man co-op? How many this gen in general?

Nah, dude this this looks sweet as hell.

Bleucrunch3834d ago

So getting game on day one, the story line is what is impressing me the most as well as everything else, it is very unique.

Fat Bastard3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Will definetely be getting this on day one. Why? You haters may not appreciate it, but I would guess it will be one of the best FPS games this year. The biggest reason is split screen online. Right now Warhawk is the only game I know of besides Halo that has split screen online, and I've played Warhawk so many hours with my brothers that I am almost tired of it (not quite though :) ). And there's co-op in the campaign mode, which is just an added bonus. Plus there's a great storyline and I think the graphics look good, though it seems not everyone else does. But did you all see all the attacks there are? You can beat down, throw knives, steal their guns, play dead, punch, shoot, and throw grenades. I have UT3, Resistance, and COD4 and they're great, but none of them offer all of these features. UT3 doesn't let you beat down or throw grenades (or any of the other unique moves in Haze), and there's no split screen. COD4 doesn't have split screen online, which I think is it's only weak spot, and neither does Resistance. And don't forget, Haze was made by Free Radical. If it's close to as great as any of their past games, this will be a must have. I just hope the reviews do it justice.

GametimeUK3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

GRAW 1 & 2 = Split Screen online
oh and GeOW :-)

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Real gamer 4 life3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

No lie the game actually looks good. its doesnt look bad a all.

Edit oooppps wrong zone.

fenderputty3834d ago

If this game get some good scores and surprises me, I'll pick it up instead of GTA4 (never really liked the series) and play that until MGS4.

jwatt3834d ago

Honestly as a sony fanboy I have to say I'm not really immpressed with with these videos. I hate the guns sounds, the gameplay doesn't look smooth with jerky animations. It seems like every video of Haze the person that's playing can't aim right.

I will try it out through gamefly if it's good I will buy it.

fenderputty3834d ago

that interest me. If they pull these off well and get some good reviews, then I'll do the same. I'll rent and buy if I like.

sonarus3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Well be glad there will be a demo available

Edit: I have to say the videos look a bit random but i could definitely see this catching on. I will be looking at the demo for my own opinion but it looks like it would be a good game

bourner3834d ago

i like it when you get a little x sort of thing when you are hitting someone . soemthing vegas 2 missed

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Real gamer 4 life3834d ago

the game actually looks good.

m-s-8-23834d ago

I dont get the people who say it has ho-hum graphics. looks as good as cod4 to me. Then again, im no graphics whooah. As long as they arent so bad as to distract from the gameplay im good.

okcomputer3834d ago

NO way does this game's visuals measure up to cod4. Its on par with maybe halo3 or the first resistance game, but cod4 is in another class. The game play looked alright though, pretty standard fps stuff.

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