Zero Punctuation reviews Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This week on Zero Punctuation, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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LastDance3882d ago

He deserves all the press he gets. hes the only reviewer i trust.

I understand more things get under his skin then mine and alot of hes demeaning comments are for amusment, but when you look at the core of his reviews, they are made up of very knowledgible and insightful notions.

And more often then not, i find my self thinking (that is so true).

heyheyhey3882d ago

if he's the only reviewer you trust, your never going to play a game ever again

heyheyhey3882d ago


another excellent review, i wish this guy pumped the funnies out more often that one day a week

kira9893882d ago

I dont consider myself a fanboy of Nintendo or any company... But i do enjoy playing Smash bros.. And yes its true its not for everybody... especially ZP since he enjoys single player games a little bit more

Odion3882d ago

I love him cause he's the only other person who will say that Nintendo whoring of their stable of characters OVER AND OVER AND OVER again is just gay

SaiyanFury3882d ago

Well not quite the only one, I've been saying the same thing for years. But since I'm not in the media, only people around me hear my views. :P

BlackCountryBob3882d ago

I often think this guy is a bit of a jerk, I thought his reviews of Uncharted and Burnout were awful.However, I agree with this review entirely, very funny and very true.

I never liked fighting games at all, none of them!

ChickeyCantor3882d ago

wow, biased fanboy??????

Anyway , this guy always makes me laugh XD

Jdash243882d ago

a game for the white supremacist ; )

BlackCountryBob3882d ago

Saying I agree with him makes me a fanboy how? Saying I dislike fighting games makes me a fanboy how?

If you must comment, be constructive and try to make sense, for all our benefit. Disagree with me by all means but please do try to justify your comments rather than just chucking around insults.

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The story is too old to be commented.