Haze Multiplayer Hands-On by GameSpot

Free Radical Design has always been known for creating games with well-balanced and ultimately addictive multiplayer modes, whether that's due to their founding staff's history at Rare, coding the likes of GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark for the N64, or as their own entity, creating the popular TimeSplitters series. GameSpot recently caught up with Ubisoft and Free Radical at Sony's 3Rooms in central London, to see how the multiplayer mode of their latest game, Haze, is shaping up.

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Harry1903832d ago

Haze is looking to be a much-needed shot in the arm to the PlayStation's FPS line-up, and one of the few exclusive third-party ones to date. From what we've seen in our previous coverage of the single-player and co-op mode, Haze looks to offer a unique storyline, plenty of white-knuckle action, and a variety of abilities when playing--first as a Mantel trooper, and then as a Promised Hand rebel.

Seems we have got a winner.

Iamback3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

yes nice comment but tricky one. He didn't want to praise HAZE, like usually from Gamespot previews you dont know if they liked it or not, they just write stuff that dont mean much.
Like for example "We were in forest shooting guys, and there were trees and people and stuff....". And my usual question is "Ok, but is it good? Did you like it?"

Iamback3832d ago

I have been saying for 6 months now, this game will surprise a lot of people. It has been bashed for no reason. It is being made by some of the best guys in the industry, they made Golden Eye for N64 for God sake. That game was revolutionary

REPLOID243832d ago

Go to gamespot for ps3 reviews! They will always downplay the great games for ps3. hell, i bet if ratchet was a 360 exclusive they would have raved about it. only the 360 gets gamespot love.