Live from Paradise; Criterion announce motorbikes, community features and planes!

Excerpts from PS3 Attitude: "Yes - motorbikes are coming to Paradise, for the first time in any Burnout title."

"There is still some work to do in terms of bringing car vs. bike racing to the game - you won't be able to do that in Davis - but Criterion are committed to improving all of these new features over time. Road Rash for the 21st Century? Possibly!"

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Fishy Fingers3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

The trend of raping gamers with DLC is beginning to annoy me :(

Bikes nice though :)

DolphGB3833d ago

...and you'll realise just how much of what was announced today is coming for free from Criterion.

Fishy Fingers3833d ago

My statement was purely a generalization.

Also, I did read the article, and everyother one I've commented on.

Ghoul3833d ago

@ dolph if you read then ...

"Criterion announced yet another update in their list, named 'Betty Davis'. Davis is going to be available around the end of July.

Yes - motorbikes are coming to Paradise, for the first time in any Burnout title.

This will be one of the first 'paid for' packs. Up until now the other updates have been free of charge. Personally, we think that it's about time and completely fair for Criterion to start charging for some of this brilliant DLC."

They clearly said its a "paid for" pack
btw i have no problem with dlc

DolphGB3833d ago

@Fishy - understood... I just wanted to make sure because the guys at Criterion are doing probably more for the Burnout community than most developers are for their titles...

@Ghoul - indeed, the motorbikes are not free. Most of the content in the story is free however, and that was the point I was making...

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kingxtreme813833d ago

Night time racing! Bikes! Planes! Holy ****!

Great updates, Criterion. I can't wait to have them, free or not. Free is always nice, but I don't mind paying for quality, and the Burnout guys always deliver quality.