Burnout Paradise: Bogart 360 latest news

From the official site of Burnout Paradise:

"We've found a solution to the frame rate issue affecting some Xbox 360 users with the recently released Bogart software update.

We aim to recall the affected update from all 360s by this Friday.

We'll replace this with a revised update containing a fix for the frame rate issue. This should be with you in around a week's time - by 2nd May.

We'll confirm solid dates as soon as we have them.

Apologies for the inconvenience...we'll keep you posted if anything changes."

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DarkSniper3830d ago

This is what happens when a game is lead developed on PLAYSTATION® 3. The PS3 version runs smooth as butter while Xbox 360 struggles to get a decent frame rate going. This is due to the vastly inferior chipsets and internal structuring of XBox 360. Simply put, it's garbage and never should have been released to the market.

It's no wonder why Criterion did not want to lead develop on such an abombination of a system.


RedSoakedSponge3829d ago

man u sound like such a geek. seriously


Daz3830d ago

Man you need a life. lol