GTA IV Driving Gameplay

Driving Gameplay, physics and street fighting included.

St05926d ago

Can't wait 6 more days!!!!

red_ring_of_death5926d ago

2 more days
local stores around my way
will have it on friday

SUP3R5926d ago

My countdown says 5 days oO

w3irdos5926d ago

GTA IV is being released earlier in some countries if i'm not mistaken

ATLRoAcH5926d ago

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Take 2 Games"

That was pretty quick. They must come to N4G.

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pharmd5926d ago

this is only building my anticipation more n more....

the music was kinda lame tho, but ill get over it REAL FAST

JOLLY15926d ago

Oh stop! I was just playing...calm down!!!

sonarus5926d ago

lol are you trying to get a rise out of fanboys? GTA has had damage since at least vice city. Never played GTA3 so can't be sure.

Unfortunately, i didn't get to see the vid, take two has claimed it:(. They are being a little too miserly with the game.

Mr_Kuwabara5926d ago

The first GTA 3 game for the PS2 had vehicle damage, and Vice City and San Andreas are also considered GTA 3 (Hence why this is GTA IV and not VI)

mintaro5926d ago

i think he was talking about GT5 Prologue

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Vip3r5926d ago

That plays really smooth and it looks even more fun that what I'd though it'd be.


callahan095926d ago

I don't know about this. To be perfectly honest, it kind of makes me hesitent to buy the game, now. I was marginally excited for it, but this just looks like more of the same thing I've already done for 500 hours in GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, but with better graphics. Plus, I played a lot of Saints Row when that first came out... Kinda sick of this genre, I thought the game would be more revolutionary.

More of the same with shinier graphics. Meh.

Daz5926d ago (Edited 5926d ago )

Have you played it yourself. Do yourself a favor and dont judge of a youtube video :)

Pornlord5926d ago

I'm in agreement, although the facts aren't all in. I hate to judge from You Tube, but really that should only pertain to graphics anyway. The other games looked like crap in my opinion, but they are so much fun!!!!!

callahan095926d ago

Nope, haven't played it. Just saying what it looks like to me. Looks like more wasting time. I had fun wasting time in the virtual worlds of GTA in the past, but I'm just sick of that kind of game. It doesn't look different at all from this video. More realistic graphics & physics, and a more NYC-like Liberty City... but it's still the same putzing around gameplay. The only thing that'll convince me to buy the game would be if the missions are somehow more than "Drive here. Kill people. Drive here. Kill person. Drive here. Kill. Drive. Kill." If they can make up some kinds of new missions to accomplish, that'd be great. But I don't know. Also, if it has a story of Godfather proportions, or something, that'd convince me to play through it as well. At the moment, though, it doesn't really built up much interest for me.

BeaArthur5926d ago

callahan09...how are you sick of a genre that gives you the freedom to do anything you want? But it's your opinion, enjoy playing linear games.

callahan095926d ago

I'm sick of running up to a car, hitting a button to steal it, driving around to nowhere, killing random people. I used to have fun with it, but after hundreds of hours of that kind of thing, it just feels like a waste of time, I have more fun playing a game where I have an objective than to just mess around aimlessly. That's all. I'd rather play another another round of golf, or race another race, or play another match in an online war game, or play another RPG, or anything. If I want to wander around New York City, I'll leave my apartment and wander around... the random thievery and killing aspect that the game provides isn't really appealing to me. If it was a city I didn't live in, maybe I'd be more interested to get the opportunity to explore it thoroughly. I don't pretend to have some objective reason why I'm not interested in it, I just tell it like I see it that's all.

okcomputer5926d ago

^^ you are aware that if you're sick of wandering around aimlessly that there are hours and hours of objective based missions in gta games right?

Fragking285926d ago

Why do all of you guys care or not if this guy is tired of sandbox games, you guys sound like bestbuy employees, who seriously cares anyway to get back on topic i wanted to see scenes off the crowded cities, my eagerness to by this game has fallen but none the less i will be purchasing this game.

BeaArthur5926d ago

Fragking28...how does anyone sound like a Best Buy employee. That makes no sense whatsoever.

Fragking285926d ago

yes it does because they always try to sell you stuff you have no interest in. God must someone always walk you through every comparison because your brain cant comprehend

BeaArthur5926d ago

Fragking28...that is the dumbest comparison I have ever heard. How are you going to come up with a analogy that obscure (and dumb) and then proclaim that someone else has comprehension problems? No one was trying to sell him on it we were asking him how he's board with a game that has so many options.

Fragking285926d ago

You say no one was trying to sell him the product but look at what happens when he says he tired of doing the same stuff over and over again ( including regular missions) this is okcomputers post ^^ "you are aware that if you're sick of wandering around aimlessly that there are hours and hours of objective based missions in gta games right?

But even before then you yourself poke fun at him because he doesn't like it by saying enjoy linear games. Your quote says "callahan09...how are you sick of a genre that gives you the freedom to do anything you want? But it's your opinion, enjoy playing linear games."

Bringing me back to my first post why do you guys even care let the man enjoy what he wants to enjoy.

BeaArthur5925d ago

Fragking28...you still haven't explained the whole obscure Best Buy reference. I wasn't telling him to go buy the game, I was asking him what type of games he likes to play if he's tired of a game that offers you just about everything you could possibly want.