South Africa's Wii Fit 25 Day Challenge

You've probably heard of the Kellogg's All-Bran 10 day Challenge. Well this is a challenge with a difference, it's the Wii Fit 25 Day Challenge.

Core Gaming has decided to put Wii Fit to the ultimate test by getting the media to take the 25 Day Challenge by getting into shape with Wii Fit and helping the community at the same time.

Members of the media who attended this morning's launch of Wii Fit were each given a Wii console and a copy of Wii Fit, which comes bundled with the Wii Balance Board. The objective is simple: improve your fitness and your Body Mass Index (BMI) in 25 days.

"The plan is to put Wii Fit to the ultimate test, by trying out the fitness tool for the review period of 25 days. Every day, from Monday to Friday, each journalist is to complete their Wii Fit workout, a programme tailored to their individual fitness needs," says Matthew Grose, General Manager of Core Gaming.

The first step will be to complete Wii Fit's initial diagnostic procedure. This will calculate your BMI and centre of gravity as well as identify your fitness needs and design a workout schedule consisting of a daily series of exercises. Thereafter the aim is to stay on target by using the Balance Board at least once a day, although you can change this programme to include your favourite games or adjust the difficulty level to more suit your needs.

Here's the real gem – the five journalists who complete the 25 Day Challenge and most improve their BMI will get to redistribute the Wii Fit units used by the winners to a charity of their choice. Many of you have probably heard of how Wii Fit is revolutionising many retirement homes, being used to brighten children's hospitals and even making it on board cruise ship liners.

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